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How to Avoid Paying Parking And Speeding Fines - GENUINE LOOPHOLES!

Exploit the loopholes the police have been using to avoid paying fines when they get caught off duty!!!

It pays to avoid a ticket -- or fight one

The best advice is simply not to speed, at least not brazenly. But if you get nailed, fight it -- because a $50 ticket can cost you thousands once your insurer gets wind of it.
Now is a very bad time to have a lead foot.

States facing yawning budget gaps are finding new money by pinching speeders more frequently -- and pinching them harder, too. Texas lawmakers recently added $30 to fines for speeding tickets. California has added a surcharge of between $7 and $20, depending on the severity of the violation. And the Illinois Legislature is set to tag an additional $4 to the cost of a minor speeding ticket.

True, four more bucks won’t change your life, but the fine is usually the least of your worries. Even one speeding ticket can begin to turn your name to mud in your insurer’s eyes.

More than one can cost you thousands of dollars in higher premiums.


How would you feel if you got a heafty fine tomorrow for driving perfectly sensibly but marginally over the speed limit?

Doesn't bear thinking about does it?

And yet with more sophisticated detection techniques being employed by the Police... Radar, Cameras and the like... the chance of it happening or in some cases, losing your licence, grows by the day.

Thousands of people get fined every day all over the world.

Millions upon millions of pounds a year are generated under the lie: "We're doing this to make our streets safer."

Wherever there are speed cameras you are assured law abiding motorists are being exploited.

Lets face it, we all creep over the speed limit from time to time. Get caught and you face a heavy fine, or worst of all losing your licence altogether. And that's just one way the authorities can take away your money, your transport and your freedom.

How on Earth can a huge fine make our streets safer?

Traffic wardens, officers and police are modern-day outlaws, the difference is Bonny & Clyde wore masks and pointed a loaded pistol so that you were under no illusion you were being robbed!!!

Drive sensibly, park sensibly. We're all adults, we're quite capable of using common sense when driving through built up areas.

We all understand that if we're asked to drive at 25mph past a school then we will - for the childrens' sake.

Now don't get me wrong... road safety is important BUT...

The vast sums extorted from the motorists on a daily basis have no direct proven link to road safety. In fact the Canadian government has realised this and removed theirs!

There are many ways of improving road safety which are far more effective than prosecuting motorists who stray a few miles per hour over the limit on an open road..... But as a way of generating revenue for the government, it's almost unbeatable!

That's right, the main motivation behind most motoring law enforcement is money!

The motorist is an easy target. He's much easier to catch than a burglar (great for the arrest figures!), will give less trouble when he is caught, and is more likely to have money in his pocket to pay a substantial fine.

Bingo! You can end up with a fine of several hundred pounds for speeding, while a shoplifter gets off with little more than a slap on the wrists.

Does that make you angry?

It should!

You're being used as a source of easy money by the government, and could be robbed of your means of transport in the process.

Would you like the chance to fight back?

Thanks to a little 'insider' information - you can!

Autoinfozone Publish New Report

'How to Avoid Paying Parking and Speeding Fines' is co-authored by a retired traffic police officer.

In the book he details the legal loopholes you can exploit to keep your licence clean and your money in your pocket. If a police officer wanted to stay ahead of the motoring law, this is the 'insider' information he'd use!

Speed Camera Loophole Works 100%

Dear sir

Having been caught twice by speed cameras coming in and out of my home town in December driving only a few miles per hour over the speed limit and also having been issued with a parking ticket in October (I had already paid for parking space but was overdue by about an hour, I had to park near work, and every street had parking resrictions), I decided enough was enough!

I was not going to give in to these money grabbing, robbing b......s any longer, so I downloaded your 'How to Avoid Fines' e book from your web site.

Following your recommendations I sent both these parties the scripted letters.

As it has been over 6 weeks now since I received the demands from these parties I think that it can safely be said that the method stated in your booklet works 100%! .

I therfore would like to thank you for giving me the chance to fight back. Please find attachments of scripted letters I sent these two parties,


Very few people outside the law enforcement profession know that these loopholes exist. That's the main reason that drivers are targeted.

They're easy meat.

But it needn't be like that. There are effective techniques for dealing with most motoring situations.

This hard-hitting report gets straight to the point - no fluff or rubbish designed to bulk out the pages.

It does exactly what it says in the sizzle!!!

This Autoinfozone report is not intended for those ignorant idiots who drive like maniacs and spare no thought for other road users; those who park where they like in a manner that shows pure contempt for the rest of us.

This report is aimed at genuine road users who regularly and expensively get shafted by the system.

There are loopholes in the fining system and they have been exploited successfully by many - including THE POLICE themselves when caught.

The laws relating to speed cameras are pretty much universal throughout the world and whenever you get caught, wherever you are, it really is possible to 'get away with it'.

Now for the first time Autoinfozone expose how people have been getting away with it...and rest assured, pleading with the authorities most definitely isn't including because they don't even read the letters!!!

Parking tickets that weren’t even read

HUNDREDS of appeals against parking tickets were rejected without even being read by council officials. The officials at Richmond in South London wrote to motorists saying their appeals were being examined in detail. But in an effort to clear the backlog, they didn’t even read them. Richard Melor, head of the council’s legal services department said in a report: ‘The action went well beyond what was appropriate’.
Daily Mail 2002

Look at the balance sheet for any camera and you'll find that the money it takes will very quickly pay for the camera, and another one!!!

The police are now, in some cases being allowed to keep the money they get in, so there is a real financial incentive to fine you.

Traffic enforcement is absolutely about revenue and the road safety aspect has gone right out the window - along with all common sense!!!

They Are Out To Get You

You'd better believe it, and they'll use every underhand, sneaky trick available.

Police use loophole to keep their speed cameras hidden
A CRACKDOWN on hidden speed cameras announced amid a great fanfare by the UK Government has turned out to be a sham. It has emerged that the police are exploiting a loophole in the guidelines that was supposed to bring about the scrapping of hundreds of devices. A camera can remain in place if it can be proved that it is acting as a deterrent. As a result, virtually NO cameras have been uprooted.
Daily Mail 2002

This report is about redressing the balance of power

If they want to fight dirty then you have two choices:

1. Lie down and take it.

2. Fight them on their terms.

It's up to you!!!

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However, we DO NOT condone the systematic bullying, stealth fining and taxing, intimidation and penalising of responsible motorists for purely monetary gain.

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