How to Remove Wheel Clamps!

Alf The Clamp Cracker

This section is hosted by our resident Master Clamp Cracker ‘Alfred’.

Alf is an expert on removing clamps and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows as well as been featured in the press demonstrating how, with a little knowledge, clamps can be removed… easily!

If anyone has successfully removed a clamp tell us how you did it Removing a Wheel Clamp

Even better, if you have photo’s of the deed we’ll put them up – just make sure your registration plate isn’t in the photo!

“Clamps are a worldwide menace, a cancer that needs to be removed!!!”

Before I go on I wish to make it clear that I understand that there are occasionally legitimate reasons for using clamps. Shop owners who regularly lose customers because ignorant morons take up their parking spaces, or birdbrains parking on pedestrian crossings near a school are examples. There are always exceptions to the rule, BUT…

The overwhelming majority of clampers are motivated by either a ‘jobsworth, letter of the law, mentality, or more worryingly MONEY!!!


Unbelieveibly, they employ private organisations in a multi million pound scam. Motorists are extorted under a barrage of underhand tricks designed to dish out fines to meet performance targets.

It’s a discrace – how can a fair system be implimented when traffic officers ‘have to’ fine a given number of people to generate the income to run the scheme?

There’s big bucks to be made in clamping and this section is hosted to help the oppressed driver who finds them self in the awful position of being held hostage and being prevented from going about their daily business until a sickening fine is handed over.

Most countries and states have laws that prevent thugs ‘demanding money with menace’ or causing ‘undue distress’, clampers appear to be exempt from prosecution for High Street robbery.

I am now fairly adept at removing clamps and now average just a few minutes for the most impregnable. I started learning how to get clamps off after I parked in a spot I’d been using for years. I returned to find that a private clamper had covered my windows in permanent stickers and attached a carbuncle of an immobiliser.

Now, I have been teaching people how to get clamps off for several years, and published my methods widely.

Occasionally, I get asked “it’s all very well ripping these thing off in the warm, cozy confines of the workshop but what about the real world, the cold, lonely car park in the dead of night?”

Well, to answer the cynics – my methods work!!!

I have personally removed 5 clamps, had 8 tickets ripped up and made a clamper remove an immobiliser!!!

Autoinfozone receive letters everyday explaining new and innovative techniques in getting them off which we also publish.

With a bit if knowledge and determination, they will come off…

The first one I removed was a baptism of fire, it was an absolute beast.

Here’s how I did it:

This is similar to the clamp I removed except the lock was an integral part of the main plate and the chain was held by a locking pin and not a padlock.

I was parked in a place where no warning signs existed.

I decided there and then, to try to get it off as the fine was US$90 (£60) and I knew that trying to plead with the clampers was a waste of time. I walked across town and bought a hacksaw for @ $15 (£10).

The problem with clamps is that they are usually made from hardened steel. This particular clamp consisted of a plate and a chain which wrapped around the axle.

Try as I might the saw made no impression and simply polished the steel imprisoning my car – I spent several minutes attacking the device in various areas but it was a seriously tough bit of kit… then…

I found a weakness!


Join today and learn how to remove virtually all types of clamps in general use… GUARANTEED!!!

Yes that’s an absolute, cast iron guarantee.

I have been tested by the best. I even had a camera crew appear on my doorstep recently from one of the best know tv motoring shows trying to catch me out. They brought a selection of clamps and I think the most resilient was off in less than a minute.

See exactly what happened in the members’ area.

Here are just a few examples of clamps you’ll learn how to shift with ease:

I have successfully removed two of these types. They are made up of 3 bars which hook over the tyre held in place by a front plate designed to restrict access to the wheel nuts.

Simply ????? and it’ll come straight off

You will need a ?????? and a ????? Strike hard in a downward direction until ?????

Hey, presto the clamp can now be removed

Features: As used by Police Forces and Parking Enforcement Agencies.

* Heavy duty clamp – ideal for theft prevention and parking enforcement.

OK same technique of ????? and ?????

It is worth noting that not all clamps are made from hardened steel and the ????? can sometimes be cut through.

I’ll show that you can fight back… getting the clamp off will give you back your freedom… for free!


‘It is high time that the bully-boy stand-and-deliver tactics should be outlawed
Edmund King, RAC (One of UK’s leading motoring organisations)

Autoinfozone is about redressing the balance of power

If they want to fight dirty then you have two choices:

1. Lie down and take it.

2. Fight them on their terms.

It’s up to you!!!

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