Why it’s best to Book your MOT and Car Service Online

Even with today’s rapid improvements in technology and the ‘digital age’ being upon us, surely there’s still some businesses it hasn’t affected? What about companies like garages, that rely on ‘bricks and mortar’ locations and physical products like cars, tyres, engines etc.? If so, what about all these adverts suggesting we should book our MOT and car service online – why?

Well, as always, the answer why it’s best to book your MOT and car service online is very simple – it’s far more efficient for everyone.

Let’s consider a few instances where you may need to communicate with a garage for some work doing, such as :-

  • MOT East Kilbride
  • Car Servicing East Kilbride
  • Garage East Kilbride
  • Car Repairs East Kilbride

Now let’s think about a few key steps, and why it’s advantageous to book your MOT and car service online.

Ease of contact

So first of all, if you’re looking for a garage in East Kilbride to undertake work such as car servicing, MOT or car repairs, how would you pick one?

By checking websites – after all, any decent business has an online presence these days, right? – and Google, you can easily find the contact details of all East Kilbride garages.


Secondly, as its very popular each days to offer testimonials, reviews and feedback about businesses online, it’s highly likely you could also check the reputation easily of any garage in East Kilbride online.

Knowing that you can check the customer standards online of East Kilbride garages is a big step to reassuring you that you’ve chosen a decent garage.


When you book your MOT or car repairs online into an East Kilbride garage, you can feel more confident there will be no booking issues. Likely you will receive a confirmation by email, or even a link to an electronic calendar, which will serve as confirmation of your appointment. This is less likely to lead to double-bookings, or missed appointments, so that you get the appointment that suits you.

Fixed prices

In a similar way to having more confidence in booking your MOT or car repairs online with an East Kilbride garage, the prices for service, MOT or standard repairs such as brakes, tyres etc. is likely to be clear also.

Confirm at the time of booking, but it’s far better to have written confirmation of any estimates, quotes or fixed prices to avoid any disagreement at the time of the repair


As you can book your MOT and car service online, the garage will likely have directions and perhaps even a map to help you find your way there. With the assistance of GPS and other online tools, this will help you when you have to drive your car to the garage for service (and save getting lost!).

So, if you’re in the East Kilbride area and looking for a garage to undertake your MOT, car repairs, car service or even just general garage work on your car, be sure to check online first.