Car Servicing from a Company Verified Dealer or a Local Service Dealer: Pros and Cons

Car Servicing

While purchasing your dream car, thousands of rupees have been invested, so make sure you maintain it properly. Regular servicing extends the life of your vehicle, reduces the chance of sudden breakdown, curtail unexpected repair and replacement costs.

You can visit an authorized service centre or the local mechanic in your area for routine car servicing. When such a question arises in your mind whose servicing will be better for your car, you must gather some knowledge regarding the answer as a car owner. Both of them do have certain advantages and disadvantages. Here we will be looking into those factors.

Company Verified Dealer and Local Service Dealer: Pros and Cons

1. Experienced Technicians:  Particular car brand manufacturers train technicians at a company verified dealer.  They get updated knowledge on the latest vehicle enhancements and repair procedures.

You can also trust a local service dealer who has expertise in a particular car brand. But the one who deals with several cars may not have sufficient knowledge and works only through the basic concepts. Again, selecting an expert mechanic for your vehicle is difficult. You need to ask them to show certificates about their knowledge of repairing your vehicle. Do not go for trial-and-error methods.

2. When the warranty is a factor – If your car is still under warranty, then the servicing done by company verified dealers are free of cost. Moreover, they can offer manufacturer-backed warranties for new and used vehicle purchases. Your car can be serviced by any other authorized dealer anywhere.

But for local service dealers, warranties on service and repairs are provided, and these warranties are not valid with some other dealers. If your vehicle crashes down suddenly then repair or replacement by other mechanics is not free of cost.

3. Labour charge: If you are looking for any car dealership Delhi for a used car, you must set your budget. The labour charge for any authorized dealer in Delhi or any other states is higher than the local dealers, only if your warranty period is over. This outweighs all the advantages of the authorized dealers. But the parts provided are authentic, certified by the manufacturer, and the work done by the Company trained mechanic.

Moreover, the entire cost of maintenance is higher than any local garage. Most of the time, they suggest unnecessary work to increase profits.

4. An advantage in reselling: Your car gets a detailed service history from the authorized dealers for regular servicing. The official dealer stamps in your servicing book and a certified warranty are advantageous during resale. But for local dealers, no such history is authentic, and the prospective buyer will be unable to verify your car’s records.

5. Quality of materials: The car parts and the materials like leather, paints, etc. provided by the authorized dealers are top-notch and are certified by the manufacturer. Therefore, the car parts are genuine. This quality may not be maintained by the local dealers. They generally look for low-cost alternatives. You end up compromising with the looks and quality of your vehicle.

6. Customer Satisfaction: When debating about authorized car service dealership vs independent service dealers, customer satisfaction is a good point for the latter. You can directly discuss your problem with the mechanic, and they can guide you on the entire repair process. But in the case of company dealers, you don’t know the mechanic, and all the information is noted on a printed piece of paper.

7. The stock of parts – The spare parts for your model is stocked in large amounts at the company service center. In local garages, there remains a greater chance of spare parts unavailability. This generally happens in case of some expensive model or a rare vehicle. The car manufacturer supplies the replacement parts to the company service centers to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

So, both the company verified dealer and local service dealers have their advantages and disadvantages. But it is always recommended to visit a company dealer for a proper servicing and maintenance of the vehicle.

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