Different Sounds Your Car Might Make

Your car consists of thousands of moving parts. One study suggested that a car can have over 10,000 moving parts total. Depending on how you count, it could actually be more, which also means that there are a lot of different places for something to malfunction. Even if you do everything right, your car will eventually start to have problems. Such problems typically begin small and grow larger. Unless you are constantly inspecting the health of your vehicle, the only indication will be sounds your car makes while driving. Your car will make different sounds to alert you that something has gone wrong. If you know what the sounds are, you will know how pressing your situation might be.

Loud Whining

If you start your car and hear a loud whining or squealing sound, you probably have a fan belt issue. As the engine of your vehicle runs, it turns different wheels and pulleys. One of the wheels it turns is connected to a belt; that belt is connected to your engine’s fan to turn the fan while the engine runs. Depending on your vehicle, the fan belt can be connected to other parts of the vehicle as well. The fan belt is made of a very stiff rubber, but over time, it can stretch or become smooth, which means the belt will start slipping. Such slipping will manifest itself first as a loud squealing noise. As the engine turns, the belt will usually heat up and create a better connection with wheel, which is why the squealing stops. It won’t get better on its own, though. You need car repairs in Leicester as soon as it starts making the noise.

Grinding Brakes

If you press your brakes and hear a grinding sound, you need to have your brake pads replaced. Your brakes work by squeezing metal rotors in your wheels. The friction slows and eventually stops your vehicle. Such friction also wears down the brake pads. Eventually, the brake pads will be completely worn down. To help you avoid such an issue, manufacturers design the brakes to make a loud noise when the brake pads are almost completely worn down. The different brake pad manufacturers create different mechanisms, but the basic operation is the same.

If you press the brakes and hear squealing or grinding, you need new brakes as quickly as possible. Your brakes are the first safety feature on your vehicle, and always need to be in good shape.


If you hear a knocking under the hood while your car is running, it likely means that you are not getting full combustion from your petrol. In a car that is functioning properly, petrol is injected into the cylinders. A spark plug then ignites the petrol. If it doesn’t combust fully, the petrol can combust in some other part of the engine or exhaust system. You should first attempt to use a higher octane fuel; if that doesn’t solve your problem, you need to consult a mechanic right away. There are many reasons why your engine might not be combusting fuel fully.