How To Choose The Right Lease Car For Your Lifestyle

Lease Car

There are many benefits when it comes to leasing a car, which is why more and more people are finding it to be the preferred finance option. Leasing a car allows you to enjoy the latest top of the range models at a low price as the upfront costs are significantly lower when you lease.  You can also change your car every 3 years and you don’t need to worry about depreciation as you would with a purchased car.

If you’re thinking of leasing a car but you’re not sure which vehicle would be best for you and your lifestyle, LeaseCar UK have put together the top 5 most leased cars to help you make that decision.

Family friendly

Choosing a family car can be hard as it needs to be a safe vehicle capable of transporting the kids, pets and parents as well as things like pushchairs and shopping. An Estate would be the perfect choice for families as they have a large boot space that allows you to load up the car and head off on a weekend away. Estates are a great choice if you visit family in different parts of the country as they’re suited for long car journeys. Consider models such as the Volvo V60 or the Skoda Octavia for your family friendly car.

City cruiser

If you’re looking for a car that gets you around the city for short distance trips such as shopping or commuting then you’re probably best opting for a small city car like a Smart Fortwo or a Fiat 500. Living in the city can sometimes mean you don’t have plenty of choice when it comes to parking space either, so this is something else to consider and why a small car is ideal. City cars don’t come with a lot of space so you may need to put your Tetris skills to the test to maximise the space you have.

Elegantly stylish

Sometimes a stylish and cool sports car is all you need. Whether it’s a Convertible or a Coupe, these cars are well-known for being classy and sleek. Perfect for those who don’t need much space as Convertibles and Coupes mostly come with a two-door design and a limited boot space. Popular choices for a Convertible are the Mazda Mx-5 or the Ford Mustang and for a Coupe consider the Audi TT or BMW 6 Series.

Hopefully this post has helped to narrow down your search for the ideal lease car to fit your lifestyle. If you’re still unsure which car is right for you, have a look on the LeaseCar UK website.