How to Detail Your Car on a Budget


A good first impression is important which is why people spend so much time and money on detailing their cars. But what if the car gets dirty and you don’t have the time to take it to a cleaner? Fortunately, car detailing can be done on the go while also keeping that mobile car detailing pricing budget low.

Power of Microfibre

Many car aficionados will recommend using a Microfibre sponges over regular and with good reason. Microfibre sponges aren’t as porous as regular sponges which allows them to absorb much more water, with some holding as much as seven times its own weight in water, retain less dirt, and don’t scratch the paint. The best part is these sponges are dirt cheap and last much longer than regular sponges fitting comfortably in that mobile car detail pricing budget.

Use the Right Soap

Many car owners will go too cheap and utilize regular old dish soap to wash their car with, but, that can actually damage the car’s surface. Proper car soap, while slightly more expensive than dish soap, will go a long way in cleaning your car while also not harming the paint. Rain-X Spot Free Car Wash is a budget friendly recommendation as it has a mild strength formula and a claim to not need any towel drying; air dry works just as well.

Cleaning the Interior

It’s important to not forget the inside of the car since that’s where you’ll spend a lot of time in. A good foaming aerosol meant for car upholstery is recommended for cloth interiors. For leather interiors, be sure to get something made specifically for leather; something that get into the small leather pores and remove the greasy stains.

In Between

There are a lot of tight spaces inside cars where dirt and foodstuffs lay out of reach. In this instance, cotton swabs and skewers dabbed in cleaning solution come in handy. Once that’s done, use a vacuum to do a quick once over to pick up any remaining dirt.

There are many affordable products if your mobile car detailing pricing budget is a big concern. If you’d like to go all out, there are more expensive and higher quality products out there, and if you have the time, a professional detailer can do a much better jump. Just be sure to do research and hunt for a good detailer for the best price.