The Hydraulic Tipper Trailer To Perform Extra Heavy Duty


Tipping extra heavy loads are made easily with the help of the hydraulic tipping trailer. There are two main categories of tipping trailer, one is electric and the other is hydraulic. Hydraulic tippers are designed to handle heavy loads while the electric ones are meant for the lighter loads. Typically, the tipper trails look much smaller than a dumper truck. These types of trailers can do the job of landscaping, yard cleaning, handymen work, moving home they can handle all types of heavy loads work.

Durability And Sturdiness Of The Hydraulic Tipper Trailer

The user-friendly trailers are available for commercial sales in various forms. The customer has to make up his mind before choosing the right one for him. These tandem trailers can handle a load of 2000kg Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) and it has variations of 2490kg, 3000kg and 3500kg (ATM). 

The Hydraulic Tipper Trailer Specs In The Market

Hydraulic tipper trailer is sold in many different specs and it can be designed as per the customer requirements also. Hire hydraulic tipper trailer are in a trend which is made and it is designed to handle the big loads. Usually, two years warranty and two years road assist also provided with the tipping trailers. 

• Tipper trailer hydraulic 8 x 5 tandem axle

• 10 x 5 hydraulic tipper galvanised trailer with mesh cage

• 8×5 tipper trailer – Australian made

• 10 x 6 hydraulic tipper trailers

• On road 8×5 hydraulic tipper!

• tipping trailer (double axle / 4 wheels)

• Hydraulic 3-way tipper trailer 3017 tb | galvanised | 11×6 ft

Technical Specifications And Key Features Of A Hydraulic Tipper Trailer

  • 2 Ton ATM, fully hot dipped galvanisation
  • Drawbar and main chassis should be 100x50x3mm box section with a strong cross brace chassis design.
  • Sturdy cage
  • Strengthening the under-deck system
  • Heavy duty 2.5mm checker plate floor & sides
  • Wireless remote control for the tipper.
  • Front and rear tailgates should be operable.
  • 12V electric/hydraulic tipping system
  • Large 12V Automotive battery included (good for 6 or 7 tips)
  • three-ton, three stage hydraulic ram
  • Preferably lockable toolbox
  • Wireless remote for tipper
  • 50 mm square solid axles
  • Mechanical disc brake on a front axle
  • Parking brake should be manually accessed.
  • Five-stud rims
  • Spare wheel
  • Can be preferably fitted with LED Lights. 

What To Consider When Purchasing A Hydraulic Tipper Trailer?

  • compliance design & specifications ensure hassle-free ownership.
  • If you want to get benefitted with the low-cost offshore labour, qualities are the best.
  • Check the tipper thoroughly as it should be assembled with only new parts.
  • Hot dip galvanised trailers ensure the anti-rust and it’s really maintenance free.
  • Cross brace chassis is the strongest and durable.
  • The extended life of the trailer can be obtained with a large bore ram.
  • High tipping angle can usually dump everything at one shot.
  • If your job is to unload lengthy stuff then opt for front and rear opening tailgates.
  • Low set hydraulic pump box is also good for long load capability.
  • 2T load capacity (1T each) can work best for heavy duty loading activities. 

Why Hydraulic Tipper Trailer Gained So Much Prominence?

  • The operation cost has reduced drastically as the convenience of loading and the unloading goods & materials can be achieved by simply tipping them.
  • While loading and unloading the drop-down doors can be removed.
  •  The materials can be just dropped down and picked up easily.
  • The door opens hydraulically with sloping trough during the operational activities.
  • The Led lights act as an added advantage and impart durability in an automated manner.
  • The primary and the secondary chassis, suspensions are aligned neatly with the laser technique which acts as a suspension for tyre bursts.


These are some points that will help you a lot in terms of making the right type of selection of hydraulic tipper trailer along with the cost in association with the same.