Increase Safety of Vehicle by Installing Perfect Shock Absorbers

Installing best shock absorber to the vehicle is the most important thing every owner must do. This shock absorber will provide safety for the vehicle. Shock absorbers will really not only absorb shock but  dampen it as well. They will always try to improve the quality of the ride. Normally shock absorbers will reduce the compression and rebound of any suspension system by controlling the speed at suspension cycles. Without these suspension cycles, the vehicle will bounce up and down until kinetic energy is fully dispatched from suspension springs.

Shock Absorbers

To install shock absorber on the vehicle, retrofit kit is very essential. This retrofit kit contains bracketry and hardware that are necessary to install shocks easily. These kits will generally have the plate, which is mounted to the bottom of the leaf spring shackles and has tab for bottom of shock to mount to. Top mount for shock will be attached to the frame and it is very essential to drill a hole in the frame, in order to mount top shock.

Different varieties of shock absorbers

Shock absorbers are used in all vehicles throughout the world, in both two wheeler and four wheeler vehicles. This shock absorber is the mechanical device, which converts shock into kinetic energy. Some of the different varieties of shock absorbers are listed below:

  • Air shock absorbers – The main component used in this are fluid, iron pistons and air chambers. All these components combine together and enable proper functioning of spring suspension. Usually there is a lot of load on suspension and all this can be reduced by making use of compressed air.
  • Damper impact absorber – These impact absorbers will have one or two sockets and it will be filled with water or air. The most commonly used damper buffers are mono tube dampers. These will normally have a single tube which comprises of two pipes. These release fluids in order to absorb shock.
  • Twin tube shock absorbers – These twin tube absorbers are made up of tubes and valves. Piston rod and inner tube are present and different valves are connected to it. All the materials used in it will work effectively, in order to handle all the problems related to shock, faced by vehicles.

Bike Shock AbsorberBike Shock Absorber

Some easy steps to adjust mountain bike suspensions

Suspension is the most important component that has been used from a long time and it has been introduced in mountain bikes during the 90’s. In order to keep the vehicle in good condition, it is very important to maintain suspension of the vehicle. Some easy steps to adjust mountain bike suspensions are listed below:

  1. While learning to adjust the bike suspension, it is very important to know about preload. One must measure the distance between two mounting bolts of suspension and must record it on a piece of paper. One must climb on it and ask anyone to measure it again and depending on load, one must adjust bike suspension.
  2. After measuring preload of vehicle, one must perform correct damping. One must check it by climbing on small bumps and check how fast the suspension rebounds. In case you experience any shocks, it means that you will have to make adjustments with the knob and again test your bike for the same thing. Too slow or too fast, both are not suitable for the biker. You need to adjust the system based on your driving tactics. If you need help you can contact the Shock absorbers experts in the field and let them guide you on the same.