The Ins and Outs of Car Rental in Australia

Renting a car can be a tiresome experience, with a range of packages available and restrictions on where you go and for how long, which makes it difficult to get a full understanding of the contract you are about to sign. For those who are not veteran car hirers, but would like to know the details, here are some helpful hints to simplify things.

Price Variations

When looking at car rental companies, you might notice a wide range of pricing, and this is due to the in-house costs the rental company incurs. Some companies will bulk purchase vehicles and this allows them to be very competitive, which gives them an edge over their competition. Providing the hire cars company in Perth is established and has good reviews, you can expect to get the prices possible.

Driver Restrictions

Most reputable companies require the driver to be at least 21 years of age, and must hold a valid full driver’s licence for the vehicle they wish to hire. Additional drivers can be named and this might incur extra costs, but the rental company will be very clear on this issue.

Online Booking

Modern living requires a convenient way to book your vehicle, and any reputable car rental company would have an easy to navigate website that allows for online booking. Secure online payments using all the major credit cards would be the norm, and once the car is booked, you know it will be ready for collection at the agreed time.

Choice of Packages

Most car rental companies would offer either a limited or unlimited mileage package, and depending on how you plan to use the car, one will make more sense than the other. There are excess insurance options, and again, this depends on personal preference. The staff would normally be very helpful by point out the highlights and make recommendations where appropriate, and if you are unsure about anything, they would be only too happy to clarify things.

Baby Seats

In Australia, it is law that any child from infant up to the age of 7 must have a baby seat, and in the event you require one, the rental company can supply this at a nominal cost. If you do require a baby seat, the online booking form would have this option, which means the car will have the baby seat fitted prior to collection.

Multiple Branches

By dealing with an established rental company, you will have the luxury of multiple collection and drop off points. If you are hiring the car for a driving holiday, you might be able to leave it at the end of the trip, which is much more convenient than having to return to the original collection location.

If you go through everything with the rental company prior to booking, things should be clear, and with the right price, your car rental issues are solved.