Top Tips to Be a Safer Driver

Safer Driver

For many of us, driving is both a necessity and something that can give us pleasure. We need our cars for the daily commute and for weekend shopping trips to get the family essentials. Driving also gives us the freedom of independent travel, which can be an exhilarating milestone in life once we pass our driving tests and realize that we no longer must rely on others to plan trips and little adventures. It is important to fully understand that driving is an activity that comes with a certain amount of risk built in. In America, there are approximately 6 million road traffic accidents every year. These can range from a simple bump or scrape to a serious collision that may result in fatalities. As our roads become ever busier, it is wise to regularly reassess your driving habits. This article explains three key ways in which you can ensure that you are a safe driver.

Be Physically Fit

Whilst driving is an activity that is linked with comfort, it demands constant attention. Drivers must be aware of every piece of information that is happening on their journey. From keeping an eye on junctions to safely overtaking cyclists, the human brain processes millions of pieces of real-time information with any journey. Normal driving is an activity that does not require athletic levels of fitness to physically undertake the task but keeping in good health will mean that general concentration will be at optimum levels. Staying physically fit also helps to improve reaction times, and research has shown that regular exercise can boost reactions, which are highly beneficial when we respond to the ever-changing road environment on a typical drive.

Get Insured

Whilst this second point should seem self-evident, it is startling to realise how many uninsured drivers there are on the world’s roads. In the UK alone, there are estimated to be one million uninsured drivers. This can cause significant problems in the event of an accident and may even result in the uninsured driver leaving the scene of the crash without providing details. It is illegal and highly irresponsible to drive without insurance in the majority of countries around the world and every safety-conscious driver should make sure they and other road users are fully protected when searching for the best auto insurance quotes.

Stop Multitasking

It is a commonly held misconception that many people can multitask effectively but is a myth without a scientific basis. Studies indicate that only 2% of the population can effectively multitask. The rest of the population is moving from one task to another and back again at speed. Regardless of the statistics, it is bad practice and unsafe to multitask when driving a vehicle. Reaching for coffee or checking for phone messages takes valuable seconds away from being fully aware of what is happening on the roads. In extreme circumstances, this can result in an accident as a direct result of failing to notice what is going on around you, which could, in turn, cause you to be convicted of driving without due care and attention and liable for legal and insurance costs. Take the time to regularly reassess any driving habits that may have become ingrained over the years and seek to end any unsafe behaviour that you become aware of.