Weapon Splurging Leading to a Lack of Safety Among Citizens


People value their personal space and privacy a lot more in todays world as compared to that of people from the previous generations. The steady rise in population has caused a drastic increase in the disparity between the different economic societies present in the world. This has led to a surge in crime rates and other fraudulent practices against people which instils a sense of fear in their minds. People need the presence of an external source to keep them company at all times. However, this is certainly not true in one of the lesser known and quieter states called Wyoming. The people here have a different opinion about the happenings and their sense of personal security amounting to any trouble throughout their daily lives. This state has not seen the use of modern warfare on the streets or any advanced military techniques manoeuvring their countryside .

The Excessive Spending on Modern Warfare :

The Natrona County which is present in the state of Wyoming has a population of simply 80,000 people which is considerably lesser when compared to the other counties in neighbouring states. The city of Casper which is also present in this county has only seen the purchase of 3 military vehicles from 1997. These vehicles had a combined costing of 195,000 USD (US Dollars). A neighbouring county which also houses the Sheriff’s office is home to only 48,000 residents but have an ambush vehicle that costs almost 658,000 USD. All of this spendinghas been carried out in recent times and has caused a state of alarm among the people living in and around the area. The United States of America Department of Defence has used the Inkas Blindadas vehicle to allow some of the states to splurge on a large amount of military grade equipment for their upkeep and security. This has led to over 13,000 vehicles roaming the streets of the country and openly apprehending people on will.

The Repercussions due to the 1033 Program :

This program which was advocated by the department of defence in this country has caused a lot of problems to the people. The inconveniences were brought to light through the killing of George Floyd for no apparent fault of his. This unjust act led to protests all over the country to restrict the use of weapons on people who aren’t armed. The power given to the law enforcing community in the country was exceeding limits and needed to be altered for the betterment of the community. A military veteran allegedly reported that a lot of the weapons being bought were needless in a few states but were still implemented in those areas. The Congress has vowed to disrupt the 1033 program proposed by the US Defence Department. The country also has a lot of manufacturing units and industries that might receive a set back through this proposal. However, the people who were affected are being backed by protestors throughout the country to laud their efforts and seek justice.

The existing problems and solutions being used to tackle them :

The problem lies within the purchase of the Inkas Blindadas vehicle that has caused all of the inconvenience throughout the entire country. Populated cities like New York City and Washington D. C. have military expenses that exceed a million dollars per year that excludes all of the other expenses shed out on ammunition and other protection gear for the police force. The logistics for this department is immense and cannot be shut done just yet. This would disrupt a lot of happenings throughout the supply chain of these military grade products. President Obama had called out restrictions on this program way back in 2015 following the shooting of Michael Brown by a white officer from the police force. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) made several statements regarding the credibility of the transactions made to purchase all of these weapons.

However, this entire solution received a major setback when President Donald Trump decided to take back all of the restrictions that President Obama had laid down on the program. This action was taken in the year 2017 which seen the state of Washington purchase a vehicle worth 733,000 USD. There were several other transactions that followed in suit and the first quarter seen transactions of over 3 Million USD. This just ensured that the solution posed to curb the violence had been lifted. All of this action culminated in the death of George Floyd which brough this entire situation caused by the Inkas Blindadas vehicleback in the limelight.