10 Road Rules for a Courteous Driver In USA

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Some of these are rules taught in driving school. For some people, driving school was quite a long time ago. A few of these tips are just common sense and can make a big difference in sharing the road. A car accident happens about every minute in the United States. If you are involved in a car accident in Monroe, Georgia, contact a car accident lawyer.

Here are 10 Road rules for a Courteous Driver In USA

1. Focus:

Driving is the only job when sitting in the driver’s seat. Distracted driving is becoming a bigger problem every year, with so many things demanding attention. Being intentional about driving can prevent accidents more than anything.

2. Passing:

When using the passing lane, always try to pass in a timely manner. As soon as the vehicle has been completely cleared, get out of the passing lane as quickly as possible. Unless otherwise posted, the right lane is for through traffic, and the left lane is for passing.

3. Signal:

The general rule of signaling is that it’s better to signal early than not at all, but be conscious of signaling too soon. It can be deceiving for drivers if signals are activated prematurely. Alternately, if a signal doesn’t flash at least three times before a turn, it likely will not provide enough warning.

4. Phone:

Just like the dare phrase says, just say no. Never, for any reason, should you need to use your phone hands-on while driving. This includes when you are stopped at a stop light. Being on a phone not only takes hands off the wheel but also attention entirely away from the road.

5. Emergency:

Hopefully, you are aware of your surroundings and can see lights coming toward you or in your mirrors. If you see emergency vehicles of any kind coming toward you with their lights flashing, it is the driver’s responsibility to slow down and move to the right side of the road immediately.

6. Pumpinggas:

When pulling up to a gasoline pump, get out and start pumping gasoline without delay. While the gas is pumping, do not leave the vehicle. Once the tank is full, move the car to a front parking spot if there is a need to use the restroom or get snacks inside.

7. Responsibility:

There are certain expectations for every car owner. Every vehicle owner must carry insurance and report accidents. Proper vehicle maintenance ensures the vehicle is not a hazard on the road. If an accident does occur, get a car accident lawyer to handle the case.

8. Speed:

Speed is a delicate matter, and everyone on the road has a different opinion. The easiest thing to do is just abide by the law. Drive the speed limit—not over and not under. Driving too fast or too slowly are both dangerous.

9. Head on a swivel:

Part of being a full-time driver in the driver’s seat is having your head on a swivel. Checking all mirrors and surroundings is an important part of being a defensive and safe driver. If your head is on a swivel, you will be better prepared to yield to pedestrians or any unplanned obstructions.

10. Park in the lines:

It’s not always possible to get the perfect parking job on the first try. But if your parking doesn’t go as planned, take the extra two minutes to reposition. This one is important because you never know who is going to park next to you and how much room they will need to get in and out. Also, if an establishment is busy, it will need all the available parking it can spare.

Even when all measures are taken to ensure safety and courteous sharing of the road, accidents still happen. That is why they are called accidents. A car accident lawyer is a wise step in pursuing a proper settlement.