3 Important Security Concerns for Your Pop-top Roof


Is your pop-top roof properly secured?

A caravan with a pop-top roof always offers elevated road trips and camping trips that are for the books. Pop-top roofs are pretty awesome, as they give you more space and premium access to the stars from the comfort of your caravan. With it, you can comfortably lay down in a manner that you would if you’re sleeping in your bedroom as you enjoy a solid view of the stars. It’s pretty nifty. It can, however, get tricky when you encounter pop-top roof security concerns.

Pop-top roofs are fabulous, but they’re not exempt from troubles and faults. You can still encounter tricky scenarios here and there when using one. If you have yet to fully use your pop-top roof and you want to ensure that you enjoy it to the hilt, it’s best that you read on. This article will discuss important security concerns that you should tend to when using a pop-top roof. We will discuss sticky topics that people often don’t get briefed about. As we’re all about ensuring that you enjoy your caravan experience, we’d also provide solutions and tips sourced from experts to ensure that you can happily camp away or road-trip away after reading this.

Scenario #1: Latch Detachment While in Use

Yes, don’t be surprised; your pop-top roof can get detached. What’s worse? It can get detached while you’re driving. This is a whole kind of horror because, apart from the fact that your pop-top roof can get damaged, it can also fly by and damage strangers. You wouldn’t want either of the two scenarios. To help you ensure that you don’t experience any pop-top roof detachment, allow us to discuss how such can even take place in the first place.

There are primarily two reasons why this tricky scenario can take place, and they are as follows:

Reason #1: Poor installment

Improper or poor installation causes pop-top roofs to detach. This happens when the person who installed your pop-top roof is not an expert or is not someone who endeavored to faithfully follow strict installation instructions. Often, mishaps take place when the person who did the installation fails to secure the pop-top roof in its over-center position. Installation should always be done by experts or by people who strictly follow instructions because over centre latches can be tricky.

How do I avoid it? Have an expert install your pop-top roof. If you’re DIY-ing the installment, ensure that you strictly follow the instructions. Have someone do it with you to ensure that all steps are done properly.

Reason # 2: Weight

Your pop-top roof can detach if your caravan is carrying too much weight. This is the case when a caravan is carrying too much weight and such is not distributed evenly. When heavy items move about in an unsecured manner, your pop-top roof’s latches can easily detach.

How do I avoid it? Leave everything unnecessary behind. If your caravan is already particularly heavy, make it a point to always check if its weight is evenly distributed.

Scenario #2: Latch Failure

Latch failure happens due to poor design. This is why it’s imperative that you check the latches of your caravan before installing a pop-top top roof. You can never overlook the quality of your latches. These tiny things are the very thing that can bring in disaster when not properly studied and taken care of. The following are common problems with latch design:

Error #1: Thin pop rivet walls

Pop-top roofs get detached easily when pop rivet walls are too thin. Thin-pop rivet walls get easily damaged by sudden, forceful movements during driving. One wrong massive move can easily damage a thin pop rivet wall.

How do avoid it? Ensure that the wall of your pop rivet is thick. If you see that it is thin, have it replaced. Do this before installing a pop-top roof. mere installation of a pop-top roof can easily damage a thinly designed wall for pop rivets.

Error #2: Small diameter size

Small diameter sizes can create excessive tension and friction. Such friction allows for easy detachment in cases where a massive force is applied, like heavy winds and rains. This becomes a bigger problem if your pop rivet walls are also thin.

How do avoid it? Ensure that the diameter of your latches is not too small. Purchase a pop-top roof with hooks that perfectly fit the diameter of your caravan’s pop rivets. It shouldn’t be too loose or too tight.

Error # 3: Weak composition

This is the case when a pop rivet is made of poor material. Pop rivets with poor material are not reliable and can easily get damaged and broken by mere regular use.

How do avoid it? Check the quality of your pop rivets. If you find that they are too flimsy and made of weak material, have them duly replaced. Do this before installing a pop-top roof.

Scenario #3: Latch Corrosion

Your pop-top roof can also easily get detached if your latches are already corroded. Rusty latches lead to detached pop-top roofs. Corrosion takes place due to the following:

Reason # 1: Moist

Too much moisture invites the build-up of dust. Too much moisture can take place when it rains or when you clean your caravan and fail to have it dried properly.

How do avoid it? Always ensure that your latches are dry. Always wipe it with a dry cloth immediately after it rains or after it gets wet from cleaning. Always have your caravan properly dried after exposure to any form of liquid. You should also use a van cover that does not invite moisture build-up.

Reason # 2: Tightness

Corrosion can also take place if you over tighten your latch. The excessive friction corrodes your latches.

How do avoid it? Always observe proper latch tightening. Don’t tighten your latches too much.