5 Reasons to Keep Up on Your Car’s Maintenance

Car's Maintenance

Whether you plan on keeping your car for years to come or you like to trade it in every few years, regular maintenance is a must. It takes a team effort. You’ll need to do your part as you drive your car every day. You’ll also need to bring your car to your go-to mechanic to make sure your vehicle continues to run smoothly. Consider five reasons why you need to maintain your car.

1. You’ll Get More for Your Money

Your car is a substantial investment. It doesn’t matter if it is used or new. When you allocate money for your mode of transportation, you want your vehicle to live up to your expectations. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your car.

You’ll have a better chance of hanging on to your car for as long as you need it. With the proper care, you could put off buying another for many years.

2. You Can Save on Repair Bills

Regular maintenance can help you steer clear of costly repairs. Bring your car to your local repair shop. A quick Google search such as “auto repair shop Austin, TX” can help you locate the best place to bring your vehicle at the recommended intervals for an oil change. Be sure to come in at least once a year for a tune-up. Talk to your mechanic about the best time to have your tires rotated. Check in about an alignment as well. Follow any recommendations you are given when your vehicle is inspected. You may be advised to get new tires.

This is typically advised every six years, unless you have excessive wear that requires you to change your tires sooner. In addition to checking in regularly with your mechanic, you can give your car extra attention. Make sure all your fluid levels are topped off. Check the air pressure in your tires. Wash your car on a regular basis, including the undercarriage, to avoid rust. When you keep your car in tip-top shape, you can avoid extensive repair bills.

3. Avoid Cancelling Your Warranty

A new car will have a manufacturer’s warranty that lasts three years or 36,000 miles. This warranty covers mechanical failure that go beyond normal wear. The engine, transmission, electrical system, and other expensive systems are typically covered for 100,000 miles. If you purchased your car when it was new, you will be given a recommended maintenance schedule.

As long as you follow that schedule and keep documentation of your appointments at the auto shop, your warranty should be honored. If you fail to maintain your car, your warranty can be considered null and void.

4. Pay Less for Gas

No one likes to watch all their money disappear at the pump, especially if it seems like you are running low too often. Keep your car in excellent shape. You’ll find that your motor will run more efficiently. Your return will require fewer trips to the gas station. Choose premium gas for your car’s best performance. It will cost you a little more when you fill up, but your car will have better mileage.

5. Keep Your Car’s Value from Depreciating

When you give your car tender, loving care, you will help it maintain a reasonable value. This will come in handy if you plan on selling your car or trading it on another vehicle. A vehicle that looks good and runs well will be worth more than others manufactured in the same year that were not well-maintained. Your car could even be more valuable than a newer car due to your vigilance. If you have made improvements to your car, this can increase its value even more. You also need to think about demand. If there is a shortage of quality used cars, your well-maintained car could bring you more money than you ever expected.

Treat your vehicle like it means something to you. Remember that you will need to invest your time and energy into taking care of it if you want your car to come through for you. A vehicle that is regularly maintained is much more likely to get you wherever you need to go when you need it most. It will be a pleasure to drive. When it’s time to sell, you can stand by its condition without reservations.