6 Ways You Can Get A Good Deal On Used Cars


When buying a used car, the number one priority for most people would be to get it at the lowest price without sacrificing too much on the quality aspect of the vehicle. Below, we look at a few ways you can get a good deal on used cars.

  1. Purchase At The Right Time

As far as buying a used car is concerned, the right time to do so would be the end of the month or quarter. At the end of such terms, the salespeople at the dealership will be trying their best to sell as many cars as they can so as to increase their sales numbers. And because of this, they are more likely to be flexible with the pricing. They will not only reduce the price to lock in your sale but will also throw in a few gifts.

  1. Avoid Finance Offer From Dealer

The dealer will offer finance for the car in case you are not buying for cash. However, it is best to avoid such finance offers. Dealers usually receive commissions for signing you up for a loan from the banks they are affiliated with. As such, you may end up paying a higher fee, interest rates, and other additional charges. Apply for a loan directly with a bank and you are likely to receive funds at lower interest rates and better terms.

  1. Get A Good Idea Of The Car’s Worth

Check out the car reviews online and get an idea of the worth of the vehicle you are interested in. There are also websites that aggregate the prices of the cars sold across the thousands of dealerships in the US. Go through them and you will know the fair price to pay for a specific car. This will ensure that you do not end up overpaying during the purchase.

  1. Special Discounts

Car dealerships will provide special discounts during certain occasions. This can be a general festival event like Christmas or the dealership’s own promotional period. Check out the dealership’s website and get to know when the next special sale will be so that you can get discounts on the car you wish to buy.

  1. Alternative Sellers

Try to look for other sellers rather than limiting yourself to professional car dealers alone. A good place to check out would be the car donations charities. They receive vehicles on donation and sell them off to fund their charity programs. Such organizations will usually sell the vehicles at far cheaper rates than the car dealerships. As such, buying from their sales events will help you get a car for a good price. If your budget is very tight, this is the way to go.

  1. Trade In Existing Car

If you already have a car and are trying to sell it off to buy a used one, it is recommended that you trade it in rather than selling the car for cash. When you sell it directly, you will likely receive less cash than the discount you will get when you exchange it.