7 Jeep Facts That’ll Surprise and Shock You at the Same Time


Jeeps are amazing vehicles that are great for off-roading, long trips, and everyday transportation. And they have quickly innovated into America’s SUV of choice.

Jeeps also have a pretty amazing history that not that many people know about! So if you’re interested in hearing facts about jeeps, then keep reading!

1. Owned by a President

These unusual facts about jeeps will leave you very shocked! For starters, if you’ve ever wondered, the Jeep CJ8 model is popular because of its close resemblance to a military car and the open-roof concept.

This Jeep even caught the attention of Ronald Reagan! It’s said that he would use this vehicle to go off-roading on his vast California ranch.

2. Won a Purple Heart Award

Some more cool facts about jeeps are that they have a purple heart. This award is rightfully given to brave soldiers who become injured during dangerous combats.

Intense enough, the Jeep was once a military car, and it helped guide soldiers to safety during World War II. The Jeep was able to sustain many intense beach landings and bad terrain.

3. Originally Used in the Military

The history and facts about Jeep are very interesting and mostly have to do with the military. As stated above, the Jeep was once a military car. The very first Jeep was produced by the American Bantam Car Company. And by 1940, the first prototype had been introduced to the U.S. Army in Baltimore.

Later, the Jeep was officially rebranded into the Jeep Wrangler by Willys-Overland. If you have more questions about who owns Jeep, click the link!

4. The Jeep Cherokee as We Know It

Before buying these SUVs, there are things to know about Jeeps, especially Jeep Cherokees! The Jeep Cherokee is one of the most popular SUVs in America.

This Jeep model was greatly engineered for everyday use while still providing an active-duty design. And aside from the Jeep Wrangler, the Cherokee is the highest-selling Jeep vehicle in America.

5. First Doorless Car

Jeep Wranglers are infamous for their doorless design, which allows for a sporty and fun look. Jeep Wranglers are the only vehicle that allows for the doors to be taken off. So people who are looking for a comfortable SUV with versatility usually turn to Jeep Wranglers.

6. origins of the Name Are Unknown

The Ford version of Jeeps was originally named GPW. The G stands for government, the P refers to the distance between the tires, and the W stands for Willys.

Later, the name would somehow turn into Jeep. Some speculate that the word came from the military nickname “peep,” which later turned into Jeep. Others say the Jeep was named after the cartoon character Eugene the Jeep. But this has never been officially confirmed.

 7. Jeep Is the Blueprint for Most SUVs?

Jeeps have been copied by many companies, like Land Rover. But, before Jeep’s attorneys threatened to sue, Land Rovers used the word Jeep to advertise their SUV.

Once the lawsuit came into place, they rebranded their SUVs as “Land Rover”. Other companies have also tried recreating the active vehicle but haven’t had as much luck!

The Best Facts about Jeeps

If you know interesting facts about jeeps, you are probably more likely to buy one! And you should, because these cars are for everyday use and enjoyment!

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