8 Easy Tips to Keep Your Garage Organized


For most homes, the garage is just a place to pile up things. It won’t be surprising if your garage end up becoming junk. So, like any other room in your home, it is also very important to keep your garage neat and clean. And if it sounds impossible to you, rest assured.

We advise you not to despair. Instead, follow these simple and easy tips compiled in this article. They will not only help you keep your garage neat and clean but organised as well.

#1. Take everything out of your garage

Before you go through your belongings and start organising, take everything out of your garage. The reason behind this is simple: it will give you an idea of what you want to keep, what you want to donate or throw and most importantly, no items will stay hidden.

#2. Decluttering

Don’t feel tempted to keep trash that you don’t need or use anymore. While going through all your stuff, ask yourself the following important questions: When was the last time I used this? Do I need this? Do I love it? For example, If you don’t use your old scrap car or don’t really want it anymore, it’s better to get rid of it! There are so many reliable and certified car buyers, like HS Car Removals in Adelaide, to help you. Removing unwanted things from your garage will be so satisfying, and you will also have less junk to organise. So recycle, donate, and throw the rest away, and get ready to have a yard sale.

#3. Go for built-in-cabinets and wall shelving

To store your things efficiently and keep them stored as neatly as possible, one of the best methods, of course, is to install cabinets and wall shelving.

#4. Efficient use of space

Get everything out of dark corners and off the floor, and keep it on shelves. If you don’t have any bins or drawers, now is the time to invest in them to keep everything organised and clean. No matter what you do, make sure that you efficiently use your space.

#5. Group like things together

Group all the items into categories; it could be sports equipment, garden stuff, tools, recycling, etc. Once you are done with grouping everything, visualise your garage layout and try to place things where you want it. But make sure to keep like items in one section.

#6. Label Everything

After all, when like items are grouped together, it is crucial to label them. By labelling everything, you can save yourself hours of looking for something. Take the time to label every single thing, from drawer to bin. You would be surprised how labelling can make you feel free and safe.

#7. Transform your garage into a desirable place

Once you are done organizing things and cleaning your garage, it is time to turn your garage into a place you want to be. Try not to be hesitant to decorate and brighten up the space; even a few coats of paint can make a huge difference. So, why not make every corner of your home aesthetically pleasing and cozy.

#8. Create a cleaning and maintenance plan

Make it a rule to clean up the garage room every time you use it. Invest at least 5–10 minutes daily in organising things before leaving the room. And make sure you set an organising schedule for once or twice a year to re-organise your garage and get rid of things that you don’t need. For instance, if you are still holding on to your unroadworthy car, it is time to earn extra cash for your scrap car.


Every time you enter your garage, it shouldn’t look like a landfill. It is a part of your home, just like any other room. Using your garage space just for clutter can leave you feeling disorganised and confused. But when you organise your garage, you will definitely feel more productive, happy and sensible.