A Guide to Your Top Tyre Brands


Buying new tyres can often feel unnecessarily complex: there is an overwhelming amount of brands and tyre types which claim to do different things. Yet tyres are one of the most important parts of your car – they’re vital when it comes to ensuring safety and protecting your vehicle.

But which tyre type is the best for you? Read our expert guide by Round Trip Tyres which details everything you need to know about the best tyre brands, from the premium options to the budget alternatives.

Premium tyre brands


The expertise of Continental is well-founded: with over 150 years in the field, their tyres tend to be used as the factory fitted tyre on most cars. They have won numerous awards for tyre safety. Indeed, Continental continues to get the green light from leading car manufacturers and remain one of the top 5 tyre brands around the world.

This German tyre brand is renowned for its expert grip and short braking distances in both wet and dry conditions, making Continental a favourite amongst sports car drivers.

The price tag may be off-putting, but Continental tyres remain the most versatile on the market with tyres suited to any vehicle with optimum performance and safety at its heart.


The Italian tyre manufacturer, Pirelli, isn’t far behind Continental in terms of range of tyres and popularity. In fact, Pirelli grew to fame after gaining reputation as the sole tyre supplier to Formula 1, again ranking highly amongst sports car drivers for ensuring speed without compromising on safety.

Pirelli remains one of the top three European tyre makers and offers a similarly diverse range of tyres to suit every type of vehicle.


Bridgestone, by contrast, pays particular attention to noise pollution and stability. With its uniquely designed Resonance Noise Attenuated technology, this Japanese tyre manufacturer strives to create the smoothest and quietest ride. It also has another production technique, the ‘Ultimate Eye’, to rigorously test each tyre type for gripping ability.

If you’re looking for a durable tyre with a long tread life and superior handling, Bridgestone will have just the tyre for you whether you’re an SUV or sports car driver.

Mid-range tyre brands


Avon is another well-known brand having been in operation since 1904. However, this brand focuses on the everyday tyre – for cars, motorbikes, vans and trailers – with particular focus on repelling water and reducing noise.

Avon might have fallen down a peg or two with the arrival of the superior brands mentioned above, however, Avon are certainly on the premium end of the spectrum in this mid-range category. Their high-quality tyres are designed for British living and temperamental conditions as they are versatile enough to run smoothly in the summer and the rain.


This French multinational tyre brand has taken the world by storm and definitely sits amongst the greats in the market.

Michelin has the widest range of tyres available, and years of data to back up its performance. Irrespective of the weather, Michelin tyres offer great handling and excellent grip on the road.


Yokohama is another versatile tyre brand and a great all-rounder. The catch is that you may need to change tyres between the summer and winter months, and when it comes to driving in drier conditions, Yokohama’s competitors may take the wheel on that one.

Budget tyre brands


On the more budget-end, Hankook offers the widest range of tyre types that are suitable for any vehicle and all occasions. These tyres can handle dry conditions and long distances with great grip on the road.


Firestone tyres are similar to Hankook but at a discounted cost. These tyres, too, are versatile – and its grip technology places it amongst its premium competitors.

These tyres are definitely the best bang for your buck on this list.


Dunlop tyres are a household favourite in their ambition to cut fuel costs for drivers. Not only that, but Dunlop also keeps their tyres at extraordinarily competitive prices without compromising on any of the key features which makes a tyre long-lasting and reliable.

Which tyre type is best?

The best tyre type for you depends on your vehicle and mileage. If you drive far, fast and frequently, a premium tyre is well worth the cost and peace of mind as they tend to prioritise safety, performance and grip. Meanwhile, mid-range tyres are a great compromise for those who have a modest mileage. By contrast, budget tyres are ideal for those who simply get from A to B; frequent use of these tyres is not economical in the long-run as they will need replacing more frequently.