Armored Vehicles and Their Importance in Volatile Countries


More than a century after their introduction on the battlefields of World War I, armored vehicles have evolved into multi-purpose machines. Besides their continuous use in armed combat, vehicles that feature special security armor become ever more important in volatile countries.

There are multiple states in the world where the level of civil security is low or even non-existent. In these places, non-military armored vehicles have become crucial for the transportation of goods and civilians. Their production is guaranteed by industry-leading manufacturers like INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing from Canada.

Here are some of the use cases for armored vehicles in elusive environments!

Internal Security Forces

Numerous states use a permanent internal security force that includes several armored vehicles of various sizes and for different purposes. The official forces of these states may use them for internal military interventions, as well as for the transportation of goods and officials.

Armored vehicles belonging to the security forces of a volatile country where conflicts often end in bloodshed may include lethal armaments or less deadly weapons, like water cannons.

In countries with ongoing civil wars, armored vehicles are prized possessions that may exchange hands between the conflicting parts throughout the war, depending on the outcome of every skirmish.

Other states may use armored vehicles to maintain internal peace and order if their usual heavy armaments are temporarily displaced in other countries to support war efforts there.

The civil defense forces may also use armored vehicles to protect security forces during internal population protests and riots.

Emergency Services

Throughout the 20th-century, armored vehicles have played an important role in trouble spots across the world. From the intervention cars used in South Africa during the apartheid to the security machines used in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, armored vehicles have always been there to prevent conflict escalation.

However, emergency services do not only include peace troops. Sometimes, armored vehicles may ensure a security convoy for medical services, fire-extinguishing services, and other emergency services in countries where their protection would not be guaranteed even in public places.

Prisoner Transport

Armored vehicles are the primary means of transporting prisoners in numerous countries across the world. Special machines like the INKAS Armored Prisoner Transport Vehicle have been specifically built to ensure safe loading, transport, and delivery of prisoners.

These armored machines feature all the safety measures and protocols to meet all domestic and international demands. Additionally, they provide accessible customization options, so the final owners can modify it to meet extra-security requirements.

Armored vehicles for prisoner transport are designed to tolerate various types of ammunition and ensure optimal protection for the people inside. Most of them are adapted to support the latest generation in electronic technology, including Bluetooth phone connectivity, USB connection, and GPS navigation systems.

Valuable Goods Transport

Armored vans are suitable for more than prisoner transport. They are the ideal solutions for the transfer of various valuable goods in volatile environments.

INKAS® Armored Cash-In-Transit trucks are top-of-the-line armored machines specifically designed for transporting currency, precious metals, bullion, and valuables. They ensure that both public and private institutions can deliver essential items in conditions of maximum security.

Heavy bank trucks ensure that businesses do not suffer substantial loss or damage to their valuable goods even when they transit dangerous territories.

VIP Transport

Last but not least, armored vehicles have a special purpose in transferring VIP and government officials in countries where the risk level for their security is high. These bulletproof machines are generally known as armored limousines.

An armored limousine is a combination of high-protection and stylish luxury. VIPs and state officials can enjoy traveling in cars that provide high-end, lush features underneath the heavy armor chassis.

One such example is the INKAS® armored limousine, which can transport numerous individuals with top-level security against various forms of attacks. These vehicles come in various sizes, and they can be modified to meet the specific requirements of the clients.

Maximum security armored limousines employ top-quality materials that meet the highest industry standards to provide safety and reliability in dangerous situations. Additionally, they ensure that large groups of people can enjoy the comfort and luxury of regular limousines.

In volatile countries, the use of armored vehicles is a common occurrence. From armored buses to limousines and bank trucks, these robust machines provide top-level security and protection for both people and valuable goods. Their reliability is preferred by both state officials and rebel groups alike.