Easy Car Upgrades for Better Performance


Do you feel like it might be time to upgrade your car? If you’ve had it for years, you may notice the performance slipping as the miles rack up. You may have worked on the exterior and got some nice, fancy custom plates, yet you feel performance could be improved. Yet, most people think that improving the performance of their car is a time-consuming and expensive process. As long as you are not doing a complete restructuring of the vehicle, there is no need for enhancements to cost too much.

The following are just some easy-to-do car upgrades to improve the performance of your car:

Get some New Tires

The first thing you can do to improve the performance of your car is to change the tires. There are a lot of good options out there; many are even affordable. But when choosing tires for your car, ensure the quality of rubber you choose is great for increased grip.

Get New Spark Plugs

Changing the spark plugs on your vehicle can go a long way in improving its performance and is quite affordable. When choosing spark plugs, get the best quality to improve combustion and increase the power and fuel economy of your vehicle.

Install a Cold Air Intake

More air coming into the engine of your car means more combustion and better performance. A cold air intake is particularly great for this purpose since it increases the amount of cold air going into the engine. Cold air has a lot of oxygen, which is a prime catalyst for combustion.

Install a Sway Bar

If you discover that your car leans too much when turning, all the weight transfer and body roll could be what is killing the vehicle’s handling. Sway bars can be a great way to check this problem. They do this by connecting the right-side wheels with the left-side ones, helping the car corner flat. With a sway bar, turning will be more efficient, improving the handling and performance of the vehicle.

Install a Short Shifter

A short shifter is another great way to improve the performance of the vehicle. It does that by minimizing the distance the shifter has to travel, thereby reducing the time it takes to select the next gear.

Flash the Engine Control Unit (ECU)

The ECU in the car is set to control the fuel-air mixture in the car. But for safety purposes, manufacturers will often set the ECU parameters at a very low level. The good news is that you can easily alter these parameters with an ECU flash. This is a quick reprogramming of the ECU that allows you to unlock total engine performance, increase performance, and even improve gas mileage.

All of the above enhancements are not expensive to make, yet they can easily improve the performance and handling of your vehicle, giving you a better experience on any surface road. When you want to take it further, you can enhance the way your car looks by adding modifications like sound systems, custom plates, and even custom lights.