Factors to Consider for Motor Financing


Planning to buy a new car is a big step in everyone’s life. This decision can make your life comfortable and can also offer you opportunities to travel. This is a positive decision; however, we all know that most of us cannot afford the most expensive top-of-the-line car given the amount required for a down payment, much less the ability to afford the entire car. This is where motor financing comes in. As there are multiple financial institutions offering different types of motor loans, opting for one is obviously a sensible choice. The most important factor to be considered before you opt for a car loan is our budget. 

Determine The Budget

When talking about the budget, you need to consider not only the cost of the car but also other factors which lead to a number of expenses. This includes

  • Maintenance of the car in the long run.
  • Consumption of fuel.
  • A vehicle insurance policy that is comprehensive.
  • Security, which is smash-and-grab protection and tracking device.
  • Possible increase in interest rates. 

Other Factors

Though the budget is the most important factor to be considered for an auto loan, there are some other factors which play an important role in the required loan. 

#1. Debt to Income Ratio: The amount of money you earn is compared to the amount of money you owe to other debtors. This is considered by the lender as it clearly indicates your ability to make the payments on time. If you have high debt, there is a possibility that even a high income might not make you eligible for a car loan.

#2. Credit Score: Ensure that you have a good credit score, as the lenders could go through your credit report before passing a specific loan. This report offers a clear picture of your closed and current credit accounts, along with the history of the payments and the time you have been using credit. 

#3. Age of Vehicle: You need to be aware that a new vehicle can be convenient, as this attracts lower rates of interest as the lender can repossess the vehicle in case of default. This new vehicle tends to have a resale value which is higher as compared to a used vehicle. 

#4. Down Payment and Size of the Loan: You can look forward to favorable loan conditions offered with a good enough down payment on a loan which is on the lower side. 

#5. Time of the Loan: You might have observed that the lenders offer loans to those who seem to work out as a ‘safe’ bet. You can think of getting loans with favorable conditions in case you are able to pay off the loan early with high payments. 

Reasons for Opting for Motor Finance

Car finances are a big blessing for most of us, as this tends to help us keep our savings where it belong, namely the bank. In addition to this, with a car loan, you can think of buying a car a bit more on the luxurious side. This is not possible if you are thinking of funding the total expenses from your own money in one go. As you make the payments of the car in installments, there is no immediate burden on your finances. You have a clear idea of how long you will be paying and how much, which makes budgeting easier.

Another reason for opting for motor finance is that it is easier to get as compared to standard bank loans. Most of the lenders offering these loans offer different types of perks, which are always beneficial to most of us.

Ensure that you search for a well-reputed motor finance institution before you apply for this loan.