Get your Driving Test sooner by finding cancelled driving tests

    So you’ve had the great news that your driving instructor thinks you’re ready for your Driving Dest, but you’re frustrated waiting for your test, right?  Did you know that you by finding cancelled Driving Tests, you could get your Driving Test sooner?

    We know it may sound too good to be true – but it isn’t, and this article we’re going to show you how to get your Driving Test sooner.

    Ensure your Driving Test is booked with DVSA

    Even if you know it could take months, you still need to apply for your Driving Test as normal through the DVSA.

    The method for getting your driving test sooner is based on Driving Test cancellations by other people, and is reliant on there being an existing Driving Test for you booked in the DVSA system.

    However, even if your original Driving Test is months away, worry not, as it’s then time for step two.

    Let Speedy Tests find you an earlier Driving Test

    Speedy Tests will find you an earlier Driving Test by searching for cancellations from other people.

    Of course, you could trawl the DVSA website yourself, but Speedy Tests will do the job so much better :-

    • They will search using proprietary software, far more efficiently than humans can
    • They will search 24 hours a day, seven days a week
    • They are able to identify Driving Test Cancellations within seconds
    • They automatically reserve the earliest available Driving Tests for their clients

    Once Speedy Tests have found you an earlier Driving Test, they will advise you to check it’s suitable. If it is, you pay the fee and Speedy Tests will book the Driving Test for you on the earlier date.

    Additional features that make Speedy Tests work for you even better

    In addition to getting your Driving Test faster, Speedy Tests provide additional customer-centric features for your added convenience.

    Text back to book

    Once a booking has been found which suits your requirements, Speedy Tests can send you a message/SMS/text. Knowing your possible date sooner, as well as being able to reply to confirm acceptance of the Driving Test, ensures you stand more of a chance to claiming a date sooner.


    Rather than have to rely on being messaged, and then replying, you could also avail of the Auto-Book service. In this instance, as soon as a sooner Driving Test becomes available, it will automatically be booked for you by Speedy Tests.

    Day select


    This feature works well if you are only looking for alternative Driving Tests on certain days. Let’s say you are only available on Tuesdays, Speedy Tests will only search for driving test cancellations that become available on Tuesdays.

    Conclusion: It’s totally possible to get a Driving Test sooner by finding cancelled driving tests


    Speedy Tests can find you a sooner Driving Test than your originally scheduled one by using driving test cancellations.

    So what are you waiting for? Why not contact Speedy Tests today?