Should You Get A Paint Job For Your Used Car?


If you want to spruce up the exterior of your vehicle, then changing the car’s paint color can help you do just that. Paint is a vital rust inhibitor that will extend the useful life of your vehicle. It is also an aesthetic consideration. In fact, you can create an outwardly new car just by changing the paint color on it.

So, if your car’s color is not exactly what you want and you want to make changes, you can go ahead and do that.

Reasons for a paint job:

There are many different reasons why you should get a paint job done on your used car. These are:

  • The paint on your vehicle has deteriorated or come off, and the bare metal is exposed. The goal of car paint is to protect the body of your car from rust and improve its appearance.
  • The car no longer looks new because the paint has faded or is scratched. The goal is to restore the vehicle to the appearance it had when it was first purchased.
  • You wish to change the color of your car. The goal is to make your car look like it has always been the new color.
  • You want to restore your used car and upgrade it. The goal is to apply a show-quality finish, apply multiple colors or effects, add graphics, and add other custom touches.

Cost of a paint job:

The cost of repainting your used car will vary depending on your intentions. Simple paint to cover up the bare metal is relatively cheaper as compared to painting your car to upgrade it. The most reasonable paint job is the standard paint job. It involves a few coats of synthetic enamel paint.

The standard paint job is a bit more expensive than the basic. It consists of sanding the body and removing the dust before painting the body to get an attractive finish. The most expensive paint job is the showroom-quality paint job. It involves scaring the body down to bare metal and then applying 24 coats of high-quality paint.

Things to consider:

There are various types of exterior car paints that are available. Achieving the perfect car paint usually involves several different kinds of colors to create a glossy shine that is attractive.

When getting a paint job on your used car, do consider the resale value. Be sure that the value of the vehicle merits the expense. If repainting your vehicle costs more than 25 percent of what it is worth, you should skip it.

You can get an online valuation of your vehicle from car buying companies. After getting the resale value, decide whether or not you have to go for a paint job.

Usually, it is better to stay with the existing color of your vehicle. Unless the color of your car is unique, repainting won’t add much value to it. However, if you are tired of the old color and want to give it a new look, you should consider a paint job for it. But do keep in mind that there will be many other areas that will need to be painted, such as the interior of the trunk, the engine compartments, etc.

When you are going for a paint job, look for paint shops that are highly professional and invest a lot of time in prep work before painting. A good prep job involves lots of dismantling and sanding so that there are no visible lines between the painted and unpainted parts. If the car has been repainted, you can usually see where masking wasn’t perfect; overspray got on non-painted parts, or areas didn’t get fully resprayed, such as under the hood, trunk, or wheel-wells and rockers.

You also need to know that a paint job can take a lot of time to complete. When you give your car for a paint job, you should expect to be without it for at least a week.

Wrap up:

It is always a good idea to get a paint job done. However, there are alternatives as well that you can consider trying. You can opt for car waxes that will give your car the shine that you want. You can also go for a car wrap, which, unlike paint, is non-permanent and inexpensive.

Your vehicle is one of the most significant assets that you own and is also your status symbol, so it is always better to take good care of it and keep it in excellent condition. Now that you know the options you have, you should decide wisely if you would like to paint your car or not.

About the author:

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