Your Honda Car Is Not Starting? These Could Be the Reasons

There are a number of reasons why your Honda car will not start when you try to turn it on. We have listed some of the common issues and how you can troubleshoot them to fix and then start the car. If problems persist, then go to your nearest car repair shops to prevent significant damages from occurring.

1. Dead Battery

The battery is one of the common Honda car parts you need to check if your car is not starting. You should test it and take it to the mechanic if the issue remains the same. This will be solved when the battery power is restored.

2. Bad Starter Motor

The starter motor has an important role when it comes to the starting of the car. It physically turns the engine over and gets the engine to fire. In cases where the starter motor is bad or has failed, this will not let the engine start. You will notice this issue on a rare basis.

3. Bad-Ignition Coil

The ignition coil is also a critical component. It is connected to the battery and spark plug on the other side. It provides the electric connection from the battery to the spark plug. When the coil is broken or damaged, the electric supply is disturbed. Due to this reason, the car will not start.

4. Clogged Fuel Filter

It has been noticed that the fuel filter is also responsible when the car does not start. The filter is sometimes clogged with dust, dirt and other particles, leading to fuel blockage. As fuel is blocked, the engine will not be able to start.

5. Empty Gas Tank

Many people ignore the gas tank. When the fuel runs out, the engine will definitely not cooperate and the car will not start. In such a case, you should check the tank and refill it if it is empty. This issue can also be solved at home.

6. Frozen Fuel Line

The frozen fuel line is a rare issue. But it happens and when it occurs, it leads to fuel issues. With this, the car will not start because the engine is not getting the fuel supply required to start it.

7. Spark Plug Issue

The spark plug is an integral component of the engine. When it has some issues, the engine will not start. You will feel that the car is not turning on. In such cases, the spark plug should be replaced.

8. Air Filter Problem

The air filters may cause serious issues, like the car not starting. The air filter is responsible for filtering the fuel and keeping it clean. It prevents dirt and other unwanted particles from entering the engine. When it is bad, the engine will not start.

There are a number of other possible issues like locked steering, security issues and others, which should be fixed.


When it comes to the problem when your Honda car does not start, a number of Honda car parts are responsible. Issues like a dead battery, starter motor, ignition coil issue, bad filters, and others are the main factors. There are plenty of Honda auto parts stores around where you can find OEM and aftermarket auto parts. So make sure you do some research before deciding on where to buy your replacement parts. Once you have the parts, simply take your car to the car repair shops near you to have things replaced and fixed.