How to Design a Car Showroom


Car showrooms should be exactly that—a room to show off the fabulous cars you have on display. This means that the design of such a room should be carefully thought through to maximize the chances of attracting potential buyers. Here are some tips on how to create a car showroom that really wows.

Get the Layout Right

A great room design starts with the layout. This is especially true in a commercial environment when you want to guide your potential customers in a particular route through the space. The “loop” technique is the most popular choice for a car showroom since it runs through all corners and finishes in the middle of the room, where the most popular products can sit and show off before you exit. Another, more creative way to lay out the room might be as a “free flow”, where there are no rules and products are placed randomly throughout the space. This technique can help you maximize your particular space. Just be sure to put some thought and creativity into it to avoid looking like a car supermarket.

Get the Lighting Right

Lighting is a big element of a car showroom, as you’ll literally want to show your cars off in their best light. It can also act as a guiding tool through the room, just like the layout, and enable you to control where you most want them to linger. Overhead lights can also help to enhance the features of cars, such as a metallic effect in the paintwork or the unbelievably sparkling alloy wheels that draw a potential buyer to look closer and fall in love with the details.

You will also want to make sure there is a lot of natural light flowing through the showroom to avoid it being stuffy and to enhance the car’s features even further. After all, outside is where most cars will spend their time so seeing them in the daylight is incredibly important to the success of selling your cars. Invest in sliding glass doors that can allow natural light to flow inside the showroom, such as the glass walls from Cover Glass Northern California.

Music Gets Them in the Mood

Music has the potential to affect people’s emotions and feelings as they walk around subconsciously listening to the lyrics and tone of a song. Getting these factors right, along with the volume and genre, can help potential customers resonate with your brand and feel things that might push them into buying one of your products. Keep the playlist long and update it regularly to ensure that people don’t suffer from sound fatigue whenever they think of your brand.

These are three of the most important features to consider when designing a successful car showroom, all of which work because they affect the psychology of customers and force them to feel something or move somewhere because of how the space is designed. This is an incredibly powerful thing for a business and as someone who is designing a car showroom, you should be thinking about how to continually update these factors to best suit your sales.