How to Find a Quality Garbage Truck for Sale


Those with a keen eye for business know that there’s money to be made from trash. Waste collection is a big business, raking in combined revenue of 63.4 billion in 2017. With increasing consumer consumption, you can expect this number to continue its upward trend.

If you want to get knee-deep in trash collection, the first step is to build up your fleet.

Most businesses may want to start fresh with shiny, new vehicles. However, in waste collection, it makes more sense to look for a used garbage truck for sale when starting. A new truck will not only cost more, but there’s also a lead time of three to six months, which will delay your operation.

How do you know if you’re getting a good deal out of your used truck purchase? Here are some tips to consider before buying.

Do You Need a Front, Rear, or Side-Loading Truck?

When deciding on the type of refuse truck for your business, there are several important factors. You’ll need to scout out your target area. Take note of the type of customers you’re serving, the amount of waste to be collected, and the route of your truck.

Front-loaders can handle a large amount of trash which makes them ideal for commercial waste pickup. Side-loading garbage trucks are best for residential use. They can quickly pick up a large quantity of smaller waste containers and can still do their jobs even if the roads are narrow.

If you have a diverse pool of customers, you should keep an eye out for a rear load garbage truck for sale. It comes in a wide variety of sizes and can be employed for both commercial and residential use.

Find a Trustworthy Dealership

The next step is to choose a reputable dealership that has used garbage trucks for sale. Note that we mentioned ‘trucks’ here instead of ‘a truck’. Their refuse truck inventory is a good indicator of how much they know about the waste hauling industry.

If the dealership only has one used truck for sale, it’s possible that they’re just looking for a quick buck. They may not understand the product they’re selling.

Find a dealership with the focus and knowledge about refuse trucks. You need to rely on their experience to know if these garbage trucks for sale that caught your attention is appropriate for your business. They can also offer advice on body specifications or cab configurations that work best with your route.

Scrutinize the Garbage Truck for Sale Before Buying

It’s highly irresponsible to just fork over your money without looking at the history of the merchandise.

When buying any type of used vehicle, it’s important to determine how well it was taken care of by the previous owner. You don’t want a lemon of a car and you definitely don’t want a lemon of a garbage truck.

Start by making sure that the truck doesn’t have a lot of miles on it. Ask about its previous work history, the type of route, and the amount of haul it did on a regular work-day. If extensive repairs are required to make it operational, it might not be worth your time.

Grow Your Fleet

Getting a quality garbage truck for sale for a decent price signals a good beginning for your business. Bear these tips in mind when buying a used truck and you can grow your fleet in no time.

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