The Best Car Songs You Need to Listen to While Driving


One study found that 90% of drivers listen to music while driving. This study also showed that drivers have a physical and emotional reaction to music. Did you know that the best car songs can help keep you awake?

But what are the best car songs for your road trip music playlist?

In this article, we discuss the best music genres for driving as well as offer some of our top driving tips. Continue reading to learn how to make the most of your trip with the right music.

Songs You Can Vibe To

Finding music you can vibe to while driving can elevate your driving experience. Whether you’re creating a road trip music playlist or just want some new driving music, you should consider the songs below.

  • Bad Habits: Ed Sheeran
  • Here I Go Again, Whitesnake
  • Sweet Home Alabama, Lynyrd Skynyrd

These are some of the best car songs to enjoy your drive. They can even give you a mood boost at the start of your day.

Songs to Keep You Awake

Some of the best music genres for driving include pop and rap. Their fast tempo and upbeat music can help you stay awake on long drives or late at night. Some of the best songs to keep you awake in 2022 include:

  • Holding Out for A Hero, Bonnie Tyler
  • Stay (with Justin Bieber)—The Kid LAROI
  • Blue Sky: Electric Light Orchestra

Not only can these songs put you in a more positive headspace but they can also help keep you more alert. Consider adding them throughout your road trip music playlist for a boost every few songs.

Songs to Relax You

One of our favorite driving tips for when you’re feeling tense on a long drive is to put on some relaxing music. The songs below are some of the most popular songs for 2022.

  • Counting Stars—OneRepublic
  • Heat Waves: Glass Animals
  • Road Trippin’: Red Hot Chili Peppers

However, not everyone will find these songs relaxing. If you want to relax, the best music genres for driving are the ones that you enjoy the most.

Songs to Cry Over

Sometimes the combination of sad music and a long drive can be therapeutic. These are the best car songs for when you’re feeling sad.

  • Easy On Me, Adele
  • traitor: Olivia Rodrigo
  • All Too Well (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift

These songs can help you let out your feelings. However, remember to put safety first and to pull over if you’re having trouble seeing the road.

Songs to Scream With

Your road trip music playlist should include songs to scream with. Whether you’re feeling sad, frustrated, or just feel like screaming, consider blasting these songs through your Black Diamond sound system.

  • good 4 U, Olivia Rodrigo
  • abcedfu – GAYLE
  • Somebody That I Used To Know: Gotye

Whether or not you relate to these songs, they’re fun to sing while driving down the road with those closest to you or even solo. Be sure to only drive when you’re able to fully focus on the road.

Find the Best Car Songs for Your Next Trip

The best car songs for your road trip music playlist are the ones you enjoy the most. However, these can offer some unique benefits. Try incorporating the music above for when you need focus or an emotional release.

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