The Ultimate Tyre Replacement Buying Guide


So, you’ve checked your tires, and they are looking a little worse for wear. In fact, they have become so worn that they could be deemed dangerous, resulting in you receiving points on your license.

Don’t worry, there is no need to panic, Although your tyres are looking extremely worn, it’s important that you take the time to plan your next set of tires. Rushing into buying any old set of tires may result in you needing to replace them again sooner than you would expect, even worse, find that the new tires don’t fit your car at all. 

Whether you’re going to be ordering a new set of tires online or heading down to the local car garage, this blog is an excellent read for you! We will be taking you through a couple of the main factors you should take into consideration before putting your card into the machine. 

Knowing What Size of Tire You Need

Before you go any further, you will need to know what size tire you will be looking for. Luckily, there is a simple approach for identifying the exact size tyre you are looking for. A set of numbers will be printed on side of the tire; the format of these numbers will be the size you looking for. Below is an example of a tyre size number: 

205 / 55 / R16 / 91V 

Now we know exactly the size of tyre we are looking for, its just a simple Google search to find a replacement that matches this. It goes without saying that the size of tyre you purchase is the single most important aspect of the entire research process. Skip this step, and you may find that you have wasted time and money on a tyre that doesn’t fit your car at all. 

Choosing A Reputable Brand of Tyer 

After identifying the right size, we are now starting the balancing act between quality and price. This can be an extremely difficult part of the tyre purchasing process and even those with a lifetime of experience of purchasing tires can find themself still getting the balance wrong. 

A quick online search will leave you completely bombarded with tyres from every brand on the market. All are competing to gain your trust and business. To simplify this down, it’s crucial that you segment this range to 2 or 3 main brands which you know and have used in the past. 

A couple of world-renown tyre brands you may want to include in your options are Michelin, Goodyear Tiresand Dunlop Tires.  All of which have an extremely positive reputation and I’m sure that if you choose a product for any of these brands, you won’t be disappointed with the quality. 

Correct Level of Performance 

Now you have found a tyre that fits your car and is supplied by a brand which is known and trusted, you can find yourself confused with the different performance levels. For example, many tyres can come in offroad models and performance models, which can make your choice that extra bit more confusing. 

There is no need to get confused by these additional options. All you have to do is take your own requirements into consideration and just think to yourself: what am I going to be using these tyres for? If you are not one to be heading out on dirty roads week after week, save yourself the money and choose a standard option. A tyre that will serve you on a daily basis without having to break the bank. 

For additional safety throughout the colder months of the year, a winter tyre may be something that you should consider. These tyres are designed to offer extra grip on the roads, even when it’s cold and wet. With the weather being extremely unpredictable, it’s nice to be confident that regardless of the weather outside, the tyres located beneath your car will be there to keep you and your passengers safe.

Take A Look at Depth of Tread  

A step that is commonly overlooked when it comes to replacing a tyre is the depth of the tread. By definition, the tread on a tyre is the set of grooves that you find that are used to disperse water as the wheel rotates. They are a crucial part of ensuring that your car is safe when driving and they are especially helpful when it rains. These Treads are so important there is a legal requirement for how deep they can be before they need replacing. If your tyres reach a tread depth below 1.6 mm, they need to be replaced. 

When selecting your next set of tires, make sure you take the time to find out the depth of the new tread. You will want to look for a tyre which has a very deep tread, as this will ensure you’re not left replacing the new tyre sooner than you would have liked to. 

Choosing A Local Tyer Provider

Going local is the best option when it comes to finding and purchasing some new tyres for your car. With this being said, I believe it is also extremely important that you have some prior knowledge regarding the tyre you are looking for before turning up and investing a hundred plus pounds into a new product for your car. 

Making the decision to go local for your tyre replacement is a great option. Not only will they have a vast range of tyres in stock there and then but they can also provide you with a comprehensive replacement service. You are then able to drive away the same day with a fresh set of wheels for your prized car. If you are looking for tyers, make sure you find yourself a company with an immaculate reputation. This ensures you don’t have to travel unnecessary distances to get the tyre replaced, and it’s a simple case of popping down the road and finding the perfect option for your car.