Extended Car Battery Life with Maintenance

Car Battery Life

A car battery in a poor condition can be the cause of multiple problems. There are times when you are not able to start your car and it is really frustrating, especially when you have an appointment to keep up. During the winter, you cannot able to start your car and this is cased by the battery only. Normally, if you are out at a stretch for long hours you find that your car will not start. This is because the car battery has not been maintained the way it requires. It is not true that you have to change the battery every time and you can also repair the battery and avoid such expenses. The car repair services can check your battery condition and they can repair your battery or replace the same if required.

Following some tips can help you maintain the car battery in a proper manner:  

  1. Look for a battery, which requires low maintenance instead of the zero maintenance one. Maintaining this requires a little effort and you can do these things by appointing some reputed battery repairing centre.
  2. Driving regularly tends to keep the battery charged. In case you go for a vacation, make sure someone can start your car if not everyday at least once in two days. This running of the car helps in maintaining the charge of the battery. In case this is not possible, it is advisable to disconnect the battery during your vacation time.
  3. Cleaning and checking the level of the battery regularly is another essential. While doing so make sure you use gloves and safety glasses. This can protect you against the fumes as sulphuric acid is used in a car battery.
  4. Maintaining the schedule of servicing your car in accordance to the schedule provided by the manufacturer is a must. This is as the engine might be having problems which in turn can lead to the car battery draining off much faster.

How would you maintain your car battery in a proper way?

Avoid leaving the lights of the car and other accessories on for a long time without the engine running. The battery tends to get discharged with this. Recharging the battery too frequently tends to shorten the life span of the battery. It is suggested to consult with some battery and car electricians in this regards and they can replace the battery or repair the same in a professional way.

  1. Ensure the case of the battery is kept clean. Damage to the case can lead to the discharge of the battery.  The cleaning of the case and the terminal should be ensured during the servicing of the car.  In case of any acid or corrosion on the terminals this should be cleaned in a prompt manner. Apply grease to avoid recurrence.
  2. Regular checks need to be carried out to ensure that the battery is secure. The battery can get loose due to vibrations. The terminals also tend to loosen up. This task can be done by some trained processionals only.
  3. Short trips which are less than 20 minutes do not let the battery charge in the right manner. This leads to quick draining. Avoiding these trips can be beneficial.

Life span of a Car Battery:

With apt driving habits and driving in ideal locations you can say a car battery tends to last for a period of at least 4 years. Getting this checked regular can save you from uncalled for expenses. A life of the car battery also depends on the climatic conditions of the place. Warmer climates tend to work out more suitable as compared to colder climates.

So now it is suggested to hire some battery repairing and servicing centre, and you can find these service centres from online portals.