Truck Talk: Who Is Liable in a Truck Accident?

Every year, an average of 500,000 trucks are involved in auto accidents.

Trucking accidents are different from passenger car accidents. That’s because several people could be at fault. If you find yourself in a truck accident, you will want to know who is liable.

Finding the correct party and holding them responsible for your loss or injuries is essential. Especially after a truck crash so you can receive the compensation you deserve.

Keep reading to learn all about liability in truck accidents.

Gathering Evidence After An Accident

After a truck accident, there is a lot of data that will need reviewing to determine who was at fault. This data includes the following reports and evidence:.

  • Reports from police
  • Evidence from the crash scene
  • Examination of the truck and other vehicles
  • Data from the truck’s event data recorder
  • The trucker’s activity logs
  • Witness statements

All this data allows investigators to find out what went wrong and how the accident occurred. Since trucking incidents can involve several people as well as companies, they must collect all this before finding who is liable.

Who Can Be Liable After A Truck Accident

Once they have all the evidence gathered, investigators can begin determining who is at fault.

The truck driver may be completely responsible. Accidents are often caused by fatigue, speeding, or distracted truck drivers.

They are also responsible for maintaining and inspecting their truck. If that is a factor in the crash, they could be liable.

The truck manufacturer and parts maker can also be responsible. If a tire blows out or the brakes fail, and it is not because of poor maintenance, they could be to blame. Defective parts are the responsibility of the manufacturer.

The carrier or the trucking company can be liable if they improperly train their drivers or use drivers with infractions. It is the carrier’s responsibility to put safe truck drivers on the road so accidents are less likely to happen.

Government agencies or contractors may also be liable if a roadway hazard is the cause of an accident. These hazards can be traced back to local or state governments that control that part of the highway.

More Than One Person Caused The Accident

After a thorough investigation of the truck accident, more than one person or party may be liable. If this happens, the victim may be able to make a few claims for their losses and reap more compensation.

Many carriers try to work quickly and will offer a fast settlement. It is not normally advised by a truck crash attorney to accept these deals right away. The truck crash should be fully investigated before you accept any payment.

You may accidentally accept far less than what you could have been awarded. If you have expensive medical debt or vehicle repairs, you want more than enough compensation to cover those bills.

Find a Truck Accident Attorney

If you or someone you love has been involved in a truck accident, you want to know who is liable so you can be given compensation. Finding a good trucking accident attorney will allow you to get what you deserve.

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