What Every New Driver Needs to Know

New Driver

Congratulations on getting your driving license! Being able to get in a car and go can open up so many more doors for you, including job opportunities and the freedom to explore more remote destinations for your vacations if you dream of idyllic tranquillity for your break away. Yes, getting your driving license is a wonderful and useful achievement, but it’s important that, as a new driver, you know the following information.

Get Insurance

When you’re getting your first car, you must make sure you get car insurance before you start driving it around. This is a legal requirement, and driving an uninsured vehicle could risk you losing your license or paying a big fine (or worse) depending on the circumstances. There are different types of car insurance you can get, but comprehensive coverage will keep you fully protected, so it’s worth looking into this. You can find out more about the type of car insurance that is available to you at kbdinsurance.com or other providers.

Buying a Car

It can be exciting to buy your first car but don’t rush into a sale. Make sure you shop around first, both at car dealerships and private sellers. The first might be more expensive, so you might prefer to go private if you are working with a smaller budget. However, it is worth noting that buying a vehicle from a private seller can be a bit riskier, so make sure you follow these top tips to help protect yourself when doing this. You should also always take the car for a test drive, whether you’re buying it new or used, so you can get a feel of how easy it is to control, and whether it runs smoothly for you or not. If you don’t feel comfortable getting in the car with a stranger to do this, ask a friend to come with you.

Keeping Your Car Safe

Having insurance will help you financially if anything does happen to your car, but you want to avoid having to make a claim full-stop. Keep your car safe by parking it on a driveway or keeping it in the garage where possible, as parking on the street leaves it more vulnerable to getting hit by passing cars. You should also make sure you don’t leave valuables in the car as this can tempt opportunist thieves to break in. You must also keep up with car maintenance so it doesn’t start to break down or become a potential hazard on the road. Get the number of a good mechanic if you’re not sure how to do these jobs yourself.

Remember to Get Your MOT

As a new driver, you must also remember to get your MOT before you take your car on the road. You should always ask for the MOT certificate from the seller of the car, as this will notify you whether or not the car is safe, but also what date the next MOT is due, which you will be responsible for organizing.

Make sure your experience of being a new driver is a positive one by using these useful tips to get you out on the road safely.