What to Consider When Replacing or Upgrade Your Exhaust System

Exhaust System

Are you unhappy with your car’s current exhaust system and are interested in replacing it with a brand new performance exhaust system? If so, you should first try to educate yourself on what to consider when upgrading your exhaust system. Below, learn everything you need to consider when replacing your exhaust system, including the benefits of a high-quality exhaust system, the best time to upgrade your exhaust system, and the different components of an exhaust system.

Why Upgrade Your Exhaust System?

There are a number of benefits that come with replacing your stock exhaust with a new, premium system. A stock exhaust system is made to appeal to the average individual, but for most driving enthusiasts a stock exhaust simply does not offer everything you need. Below are three of the primary benefits of upgrading your exhaust system.

A Performance Exhaust Gives Your Car a Power Boost

One of the biggest draws of a new performance exhaust system is it gives your car a needed power boost. A new exhaust system improves the flow of exhaust out your engine, helping to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the engine and various connected systems.

Hear Your Engine Purr

Many people choose to upgrade their exhaust system because they want to improve the sound of their engine and their car. Few things are as exhilarating as hearing your engine purr as you shift gears and accelerate, and the best way to hear the pure growl of your engine is with a new performance exhaust system. You can choose from a variety of different exhausts that are manufactured to expel a specific type of sound, depending on your preference. That way, regardless of whether you want your engine to enthusiastically roar or barely make a whimper, there is an exhaust pipe that will suit your needs.

Improve Your Car’s Fuel Economy

Many individuals who purchase a new exhaust system are not aware that a new exhaust can improve the fuel economy of their car. A performance exhaust can increase the torque of your vehicle by 20 lb-ft, which means that you need to use less throttle to remain at your current speed. This also means that you are burning less fuel to maintain your target speed, which can lead to as much as a 5% increase in fuel economy. While that may not seem like a lot, over time that will add up to a lot of money saved at the pump when getting gas.

When Should You Replace Your Exhaust System?

You should upgrade your exhaust system if you are interested in improving the functionality of your engine and the sound your engine makes as you drive. If you are not interested in upgrading your exhaust, you still may need to replace your exhaust system if you notice some specific issues with the system. That is why you should regularly inspect your car’s exhaust system, especially as it gets older, and look for the following issues:

  • Any sign of rust on any of the components of the exhaust
  • Cracks or splits
  • Failing connections between components

If you see any of these three issues with your exhaust, it is likely time to upgrade your exhaust system. If you do not feel comfortable making these inspections, bring your car in to a mechanic and have them take a look.

What Are the Different Components of an Exhaust System?

If you have a busted exhaust system that needs to be replaced, it may be tempting to just purchase a brand new system. However, in many cases you will only be required to replace a single component of an exhaust system, allowing you to save a lot of time and money by not having to install a whole new exhaust. Below, we provide a brief overview of the most essential components of an exhaust system to help you understand which part of your exhaust you may need to replace.

Exhaust Manifold

Also known as the header, the exhaust manifold is the first component in any exhaust system. The manifold attaches to the cylinder head of the exhaust, and its role is to lead exhaust out of your car’s engine and into the downpipe, which we will provide more details about below.


A downpipe is a pipe that your engine’s exhaust must travel down to exit the vehicle. Many factory exhaust downpipes are very narrow or bent, which restricts the flow of the exhaust out of the engine. A performance tailpipe is wider and usually straight, improving the flow of exhaust out of your vehicle and your engine’s performance.


The muffler controls the sounds your exhaust system makes as you drive, and for many people, a new muffler is the main draw of a new exhaust. A muffler restricts the sound coming out of your exhaust, but the restrictive nature of the muffler also limits airflow and decreases the engine’s efficiency. A new muffler not only can create more pure and crisp engine noises, but it can also improve the power and efficiency of your engine.

Do You Want to Get a Catback Exhaust?

If you upgrade your exhaust system, you may want to go with a new catback exhaust system. Without getting into the specifics, a catback exhaust system provides you with a fully equipped exhaust system, complete with all of the components you need. Instead of replacing the separate components, the catback exhaust gives you everything you need to improve your car’s power and sound. A catback exhaust can be a bit more expensive, but it more than makes up for the price by providing your engine with wider pipes and a better flowing system.

Where Do I Purchase a New Performance Exhaust System?

There are various online stores and marketplaces where you can upgrade your exhaust system. Make sure to look through a few different online stores and compare prices and reviews to make sure you get the best possible deal and product. Once you purchase a new performance exhaust system, you can either install it yourself or take your car to a mechanic and have them install it for a small fee. It is generally better to purchase an exhaust yourself first and bring it to a mechanic rather than have the mechanic purchase an exhaust for you, as you have access to a wider selection of products at a more affordable price.