When to Go For Brake And Clutch Service?

Brake And Clutch Service

A smooth and seamless drive is an amalgamation of various factors, from the car engine, tyres, and road conditions to the brakes. Yes, brakes are also essential when it comes to ensuring a controlled drive. As a car owner, you must be well-acquainted with the brake system of the car. Clutches are yet another integral part of your vehicle and similar to other components it wears out with time and hence needs maintenance and repair. But before heading further here is a brief overview of clutches: the most crucial job of the clutch is to disengage the transmission from the motor so you can shift gears without grinding. An irregularity or a glitch in the clutch might affect the transmission and hence the working of your vehicle’s engine. Sometimes, the clutch disc might wear out over a period of time demanding an immediate replacement. Some other issues that might surface include a leak in the hydraulics stretched cables control, the formation of air bubbles in the hydraulic line. Hence, a small problem can become a big one if not rectified in time. So to help you understand the functioning of the brake and clutch system of your car, here is a quick snap at it.

Signs And Symptoms That Demand Brake And Clutch Service:

Since all the components of the vehicle are interconnected hence, a problem in one of the parts of it affects the functionality of the whole system, but here we have compiled some key concerning areas which if observed, the vehicle should be immediately assessed:

  • If you observe a leak in the hydraulic of the vehicle
  • Stretched cable controls
  • There is continuous air bubble formation in the hydraulic line
  • If you observe that the brake pads are spongy
  • When you press the pedal, it presses further to the floor than what it should normally be doing
  • Your car is pulling either left or right when the brakes are applied
  • There is an unusual noise or vibration while applying brakes
  • In case you see brake light warning sign is continuously on.

If you encounter any problem with your car, whether it is related to brake or the clutch system or anything in your car, you must connect with a professional brake and clutch service provider.

What does the brake and clutch services include

  • Brake Services- Whether it is the drum brakes, rotor, calliper to shoe and pads, trained workers know everything about the brake system. They do a thorough brake inspection and brake repair and replacement on all the makes and models of the car.  This also includes cars coming with ABS.
  • Brake Inspection- As a recommendation from our side, we suggest getting your car’s brake screened after you have driven 12000 miles or once a year.
  • Brake Repair- A professional brake and clutch service provider, ensures that the car’s brake is repaired as per the recommendations of your car manufacturer. The replacement includes brake pads, hardware, drums, and rotors.
  • Changing the brake fluid- With the passage of time, the brake fluid needs to be changed. A professional brake and clutch service includes changing the brake fluid as per the recommendation of the manufacturer.
  • Clutch service– Failure in the clutch can also impact the transmission of the vehicle. We have already mentioned the signs of damage to the clutch system. A professional brake and clutch service provider ensure replacement of the clutch system with a new one so that the vehicle is safe to use.

Conclusion– These are the different brake and clutch service providers, and when it comes to choosing the right one, you must select the one who is authorized, and certified.