Winch Bars: Meaning, Types and Tips to Use Winch Bar for Flatbed Trucks

Winch Bar

Flatbed truck drivers must put tons of time and effort planning how they will secure their haul for transit. Each haul has different items and the method of securing them will vary from job to job. Winch straps are a very common tool used to secure cargo on a flatbed. 

However, just as heavy duty chains must be pulled tight using some type of chain binder, winch straps must also be tightened so they are taut around the cargo. Winch bars are used to tighten winch straps to a desired length. They are very simple metal tools made of high strength polished steel. To use a winch bar, simply insert it into the notches on your winch and pull down to tighten the straps until the cargo is secured. Despite their simplicity, there are a few kinds of winch bars on the market today. 

Styles of Winch Bars:

It’s crucial to know all of the various styles of winch bar, so you can make an informed decision as to which winch bar is best for you.

  1. Standard Winch Bars

The standard winch bar is made of high strength polished steel. It has a knurled handle for better grip. This standard winch bar fits into a winch on a flatbed truck and is used to tighten the winch straps to secure the haul. It typically takes a good bit of force to pull down on the winch bar. For each pull downwards, the winch bar must be removed and placed in a new notch on the winch, and so on until the winch straps are taut around the cargo. The standard winch bar is the lightest variety, which is useful as flatbed truckers must use the winch bar several times when securing their cargo. In addition to being lightweight, they are also the most inexpensive and affordable style of winch bar. 

  1. Ratchet Winch Bars

The Ratchet Winch bar is a winch bar with a ratcheting system at the end that allows you to slowly ratchet the winch straps tight. The ratchet winch bar does not require the same amount of force to tighten the winch as the standard bar, due to the innovative ratchet system. The need to tediously move the winch bar to new slots as you tighten is also eliminated. You will need to insert a locking key into the winch before using this bar. Ratchet Winch Bar comes with a key, and extra keys can be found on mytee products, please check out here the winch bar and its accessories. The key is crucial; otherwise the Ratchet Winch Bar is useless. Another drawback is that this bar is a few pounds heavier than a standard winch bar, however you will expend less energy using a ratchet winch bar due to its ease of use. 

  1. Combination Winch Bars 

A combination winch bar is identical to the standard one; however it incorporates a square head that can be used to release lever chain binders. Combination winch bars should never be used to tighten a lever binder; however they can mitigate some risks when releasing them. The square head attaches to the lever, making it easier to release the lever, and keeping you farther away from the lever and any residual kickback it may have that could injure you. This must be done cautiously though as a large amount of recoil released from the lever could potentially knock the winch bar free, sending it flying in any direction. 

  1. Ergonomic Winch Bars

The standard winch bar is typically straight, which can cause some issues when attempting to tighten a winch with bad clearance. The straight winch bar can also only be used in the downward direction to tighten, which can cause unnecessary stress on the users back, neck, and body overall. The Ergonomic Winch Bar solves this issue, as it has a slight curve that allows it to fit into smaller clearance winches. Another benefit of this curve is that it allows the winch bar to be used in different orientations, both upward and downward to tighten the straps. Its name is very appropriate, as it is much more ergonomic than standard winch bars. Ergonomic winch bars also will not roll around like a standard winch bar due to the curve. 

  1. Colored Winch Bars

A colored winch bar is simply a painted winch bar. The paint is a meaningful addition, as it protects the winch bar from rusting as quickly. Another benefit of a brightly painted winch bar is that it is easier to identify on the truck, lessening the chance that the driver will leave it laying around before hitting the road. 


Winch bars are widely used today due to their simplicity and usefulness when securing cargo. However, analyzing your specific needs will help you determine which particular winch bar is best for you. Color, ergonomics, and additional features are all variables to keep in mind when selecting a winch bar. After reading this article you will be able to do the due diligence and choose the perfect winch bar. Now you can head over to website and make a purchase. If you have any more questions feel free to call one of expert representatives at 1-888-705-8277