Best mileage TVS bikes in India

TVS bikes

Price for a TVS Bikes begins at Rs. 45,110. In India, TVS provides 18 new models, with the Raider 125, Apache RTR 160, and Apache RTR 160 4V being the most popular motorcycles. Creon is a component of the forthcoming TVS bike.

We specifically created this list with all the best-mileage TVS motorcycles in the nation while taking the steadily growing cost of fuel into account. TVS sold around 3.33 lakhs units in August 2022, up by 15% as compared to previous year.

Therefore, here is the spot to be if you’re seeking for the finest mileage TVS bike models in India. Our locator is set up such that the bikes with the highest miles are displayed first.

List of top mileage TVS bikes:

1. TVS Sport – 90 KMPL

The starting price for this fuel efficiency bike TVS Sport in India is Rs. 61,577. It comes in 2 models and 6 colors, with the highest variant beginning at Rs. 66,542 in pricing. The 109.7cc BS6 engine that powers the TVS Sport produces 8.18 horsepower and 8.7 Nm of torque. TVS Sport creates a combined braking system for both wheels with front and rear drum brakes. The gasoline tank on this sport bike can hold 10 gallons of petrol and weighs 110 kg. Customers seeking for a lightweight motorbike with a fuel-efficient engine and an economical price point might consider the TVS Sport.

2. TVS iQube – 75 KM on a single charge

The TVS iQube has a sophisticated but fashionable design and style that expertly combines current and classic flair. It comes in three various variations, with the eye-catching colors it comes in serving as the largest aesthetic distinction between the three variations. A streamlined and thin LED headlight assembly with built-in indicators is located up front. Additionally, it has LED DRLs up top. Seen from the side profile, the TVS iQube appears to be a flawless vehicle.

3. TVS Star City Plus – 70 KMPL

A commuter bike called the TVS Star City Plus costs as little as Rs. 73,282 in India. It comes in 3 models and 8 colors, with the highest variant beginning at Rs. 76,919 in pricing. The 109.7cc BS6 engine that powers the TVS Star City Plus produces 8.08 horsepower and 8.7 Nm of torque. The TVS Star City Plus has a dual-wheel braking system with both front and rear drum brakes. This Star City Plus motorcycle weighs 115 kg and has a 10 liter gasoline tank. The commuter lineup from TVS Motor Company includes the Star City Plus. There are two versions of it that have been released: monotone and dualtone.

4. TVS Radeon – 69 KMPL

The starting price for the TVS Radeon commuter bike in India is Rs. 70,428. It comes in 12 colors and 5 variations, with the highest variation starting at Rs. 78,342. The TVS Radeon’s 109.7cc BS6 engine cranks out 8.08 hp and 8.7 Nm of torque. The front and rear disc brakes of TVS Radeon’s integrated braking system works on both wheels. This Radeon motorcycle weighs 116 kg and has a 10 liter petrol tank. The Radeon has two new color schemes thanks to TVS Motor Company’s introduction in India. Both the Red and Black and the Blue and Black combinations are available.

5. TVS Raider 125 – 57 KMPL

The base price of the TVS Raider 125 motorcycle in India is Rs. 90,524. It comes in 3 variations and 6 colors, and the top variation costs Rs. 1,03,815. 11.2 hp and 11.2 Nm of torque are produced by the TVS Raider 125’s 124.8cc BS6 engine. Including both front and rear drum brakes, the TVS Raider 125 sports double braking system. The 10 liters tank on this Raider 125 motorcycle weighs 123 kilograms. With the introduction of the Raider, a brand-new premium commuter motorbike, TVS Motor Company has revised its lineup. This new model from the Hosur-based two-wheeler company goes up against the Bajaj Pulsar NS 125 and the Honda SP 125 in the Indian market.


Two-wheelers are the most widely used and best-selling vehicle type in India since they are a cost-effective and practical mode of transportation. People can move through traffic and confined locations more readily on two-wheelers like motorbikes and scooters. These TVS bikes at Droom with good mileage are the cherry on top with fuel prices at an all-time high.

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