Can the New Ford Bronco Really Compete with the Iconic Jeep Wrangler?

Ford Bronco

The Jeep Wrangler has quite a legacy. It dates back to World War II, when its forerunner helped the Americans and their allies win the war.  Until now, manufacturers haven’t met the Wrangler head on. That is changing with the Ford Bronco.  Will this rivalry be a serious one or will the Bronco fizzle out when trying to compete with an icon?

How Many Doors?

The Wrangler is a rarity among SUVs for many reasons. One is that the standard version is a two-door SUV.  The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is a regular four-door model.  Ford Broncos are meeting this challenge by offering two-door and four-door models.  So, you could say that the manufacturer is starting off with a more serious parlay than previous attempts by other Jeep rivals.

What Type of Roof?

Another thing that has set the Wrangler apart for generations is its roof.  The soft top can be removed for open air driving that goes beyond what a regular convertible SUV can offer.  There are hardtop versions of this removable roof that are very popular with Wrangler owners.

The Bronco is matching that level of choice with soft-tops and hard tops as well. So far, you can see it is, at least, on paper the equal of the Wrangler.

Open air driving is enhanced on the Wrangler by its removable doors and fold-down windshield. It appears that the 2021 Ford Bronco will have this capability as well.

What Type of Personalization?

Jeep Wranglers are known for their customization.  Even before shopping off the accessories list, a shopper can get a trim or trim variation and feel like it is a customized ride.

The Bronco is following this and, from the outset, is offering more standard trims, according to Earnhardt Ford. These are divided not by amenities but by their powers.  This is set to appeal to those with different challenges in mind.

What Four-Wheel Drive is Offered?

The Wranglers are always four-wheel drive vehicles, and the Broncos will be as well.  Both have an upgrade that provides more ground clearance and more capability.  The Ford will have to work hard to prove itself against the Wrangler when it comes to snow. However, since the Bronco was designed from the ground up, chances are good that this Ford will meet the challenge.

Ford’s flexible modes are called G.O.A.T.  This stands for go over any terrain, and there’s no doubt that the more modes you have, the more places you can go.  There are indications that the system is more capable than the Wrangler’s, but it will take real life experiences to prove this.

What Engines are Offered?

Here there is some change coming. The best-known Wrangler engine produces 285 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. Highly capable, it is also a gas guzzler. Ford will be offering a 270-horsepower Ecoboost engine.  This will mean better gas mileage and may help push shoppers over to the Bronco.

Yet the Bronco’s real capability is best embodied by its torque.  At 310 pound-feet, the Bronco automatically offers more capability than the Wrangler’s standard 260 pound-feet. Torque is so essential to an off-roader that this may make a big difference to some shoppers who aren’t tied to the Jeep name. They can essentially get more capability for their money without a single upgrade.

A Wrangler PHEV is expected with higher horsepower and torque.  Ford has already announced a higher-horsepower Ecoboost engine that will be on the market before the electric-assisted Wrangler is available.

The Ford Bronco is offering two unique features. The One-Pedal Trail system is a more sophisticated trail crawl feature.  Trail Turn Assist can help the Bronco take tighter turns when the going gets rough. These features are squarely aimed at the Wrangler’s claim to best off-roading SUV.  Ford is clearly hoping that a new champion will receive that accolade.

What Transmissions are Offered?

The Wrangler is known for its highly capable manual transmission. Many shoppers, of course, choose the automatic. The nine-speed automatic has been having trouble, and hopefully it will be updated before many more are sold.

Broncos will also offer a manual transmission, although originally it was thought that Ford wouldn’t do this.  The unit is a seven-speed dual-clutch Getrag stick-shift. This is sure to appeal to diehard enthusiasts who really want total control over the drive.

On the other hand, the automatic is  the proven ten-speed automatic that has been utilized for such vehicles as the Ford F150 and Ford Ranger.  This is sure to please many daily drivers who don’t want to be shifting every time the light turns green. What’s more, this transmission was devised to provide better shifts at slow speeds.  For those who like performance driving, they will appreciate the high-speed gears that harness velocity better.

How Fast Can You Get One?

The Jeep Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited is on sale now. Be aware that engine varieties are costly and may not always be available. This would indicate that you should settle for the regular engine if you are ready to buy now.

By June, the first 2021 Ford Broncos are set to arrive. However, you will need to order yours in advance if you want to be first in line.

Anything Else A Shopper Needs to Know?

Definitely a shopper better know this before making a purchase.  Ford has released the Bronco Sport, a smaller model that isn’t built the same as the new Bronco. Yet it does have serious off-roading capability of its own so if it suits you, it won’t disappoint many on that count.

Be aware that it does not have a two-door edition or open air capability.  For that, you’ll have to revert back to the Bronco or Wrangler.  It is easy to think that the Bronco Sport is just a version of the Bronco because it has a style and a sporty Safari roof.

Any car enthusiast is bound to tune into this competition as the Wrangler takes on the Bronco.  Most especially, if off-roading is your favorite activity or you see it in your future, then this rivalry is definitely one to watch.