Know Which Trailer Type is Right For Your Needs

Box Trailer

A trailer is an unpowered vehicle that is moved around with the help of a powered vehicle. There are different types of trailers used for commercial purposes. These trailers make the movement of goods and products easier and more hassle-free. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss different types of trailers that are used by manufacturers to transport goods. Before you order a trailer, you need to know the total weight and dimension of your load. Let us take a look at different kinds of trails and determine which serves your purpose the best.

#1. Dry Vans

These are also known as enclosed trailers. These are commonly used freight containers for interstate shipping cargo. They come with a flatbed box around it. It keeps the items safe from the elements. In addition to that, it also keeps them safe from falling.

#2. Lowboy Trailers

To haul heavy loads, lowboy trailer is an essential choice among all types of trailers. These are also known as double-drop or low-loaders. These are used mainly for heavy-duty construction equipment. These trailers need an additional legal permit to operate. They are designed to transport and carry taller items.

#3. Refrigerated Trailers

It has a unique temperature control system and comes under the enclosed trailer category. It is good for perishable goods that cannot withstand a certain temperature. Therefore, these trailers are the best for hauling meats and other such goods. It carries frozen food items.

#4. Boxes Or Enclosed Trailers

It is the most common type of trailer among truckers. The box trailer provides added protection to the shipment due to its enclosed feature. It protects the freight from harmful weather elements. It is easy to load them through sides or rear. It has limited capacity because of the enclosed structure. It is used to haul fragile and expensive cargo.

#5. Tank Trailers

Tank trailers are enclosed trailers used specially to carry water, diesel, chemicals, grain, sand, etc. These trailers are designed in such a way that it protect the items. It needs cleaning once after the transportation is complete.

#6. Flatbed Or Open Trailers

These trailers are used to haul large shipment. It is one of the most popular choices among truckers. There are different types of flat-bed trailers. Step-deck trailers comprise of two stations for cargo hauling. However, there is no protection as such from the weather elements. Thus, there is a limit to carrying the cargo type but they have an increased capacity compared to other trailers.

#7. Step Deck Trailers

These trailers are somewhat like flatbed trailers. They are designed in such a fashion that they carry the items that flatbed trailers are unable to carry. It is mainly because of the height restrictions associated with it. You can add more height to the load of the freight.

#8. Specialty Trailers

Such trailers are specifically built to haul special types of liquids like fuels and hazardous materials and need a special permit due to the risks involved in carrying such freight. These are more costly than normal freight. Besides, they need a licensed operator to drive such trailers.

#9. Extendable Double Drop Trailers

These containers carry items that are long and cannot be transported by regular trailers. They are built in such a way that they support extra load and manage the excessive length. They comprise normally 2 to 3 axles. They are mainly used to carry construction equipment, which is excessively large.

These are the basic ones used regularly; more variety is available on the market. They are used for various purposes based on their usage. You must pick a reputable freight company for stress-free transportation of the goods. Choose the trailer based on the weight and quantity of your goods.