Owning a Private Plate – More than Just ‘a Bit of Fun’?


When you think about personalised registration plates, it’s likely that you’re thinking of the fun aspect of them. Proudly displaying a plate with your name on such as 17 BOB or 41 JAN. Driving around with your new plates makes you feel just that little bit cooler doesn’t it? Go on, you can admit it!

However, there are also some other great reasons to own a private plate that have nothing to do with the pleasure of simply owning a cherished plate.

For one, private plates are perfect for advertising your business, especially if you use your vehicle for work purposes. For less than the price of an advert in a newspaper or trade magazine, you can have a private plate that will last you a lifetime! Imagine if you ran a mobile hairdressing business and had L4 CUT on your car? Or how about F1 XED for a repair company? Plates such as these turn heads, people remember them. You may think that private plates are expensive, but you will be surprised once you start doing your research. You can actually pick up personalised plates for well under £100! That’s bound to fit nicely in your marketing budget. Of course, if you later decide you don’t want the plates, or you change the nature of your business and want to swap your plates, you can easily sell your plates on again. You can’t do that with leaflets and paper advertisements!

Another reason why people are buying private plates is as an investment and this is a trend that is currently growing quite rapidly. You can’t fail to have noticed that investing your spare cash is getting harder and harder if you want any sort of decent return. Interest rates are awful for savers at the moment. Even if you tie up your money for years, the return is so small it’s hardly worth the bother. Share prices are volatile, and even investing in gold has risks as the market changes so rapidly.

Investing in number plates is a very low risk investment. They have a very good track record for increasing in value over time, and are highly unlikely to ever be worth less than you paid for them. Plates that represent a name, and short number plates will always be popular and highly sought after, but you can get even cleverer with it too. While those types of plates will likely bring in a nice profit in the long term, if you’re looking for a shorter term investment, you need to keep your eye on upcoming trends and pick out plates that fit in with this, before everyone else wants one! For example, you could pick up the plate NUX 206W today for just £25. That’s no big investment, and the low price is partly due to the fact that the word ‘NUX’ doesn’t really represent anything to most people, nor is it a name. However, if you’d noticed an up and coming band called Nux, imagine how much the plate would be worth if that band went on to win a Grammy Award and become world famous?

But perhaps the best thing about investing your money in private plates, is that you can enjoy your investment while you’re waiting to make a tidy profit! If you want to own more than one private plate, don’t be put off the idea because you don’t have multiple vehicles to transfer them onto, you can simply hold your plates on a retention certificate until you’re ready to either use them, or sell them on.

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