Why Is Reconditioning a Must for Every 4×4 Gearbox?


A gearbox is the core of a machine. If that is out of order, the whole machine will stop, bringing your operation to a complete halt. To prevent a complete breakdown, 4×4 gearbox reconditioning is necessary at regular intervals. Now you would ask what the whole process is about. In a common man’s language, it is a complete servicing of the parts of the gearbox.

Here is how the whole process takes place:

  • First, the whole gearbox is cleaned externally and exteriorly examined for any damages or irregularities in performance.
  • If there is any visible damage, the damage is repaired first, and then the next step is conducted.
  • If there is no visible damage, the core is then completely dismantled to determine its suitability for 4×4 gearbox reconditioning.
  • After that, the gearbox is completely dismantled as well, and all components are separated for thorough cleaning.
  • All the gearbox parts and cases undergo a thorough cleaning process.
  • The casings are dipped in a mild acid to get rid of scale deposits, thereby restoring the aluminium to its original finish and improving the overall efficiency.
  • The valve body is tested, and calibration is checked and reset according to factory specifications.
  • The gearbox is furnished with new bearings, synchronizer rings, gaskets, seals, and any other connecting hardware parts needed. All the spring-loaded valves, check balls, solenoids, and servo pistons are individually tested and replaced wherever necessary.
  • After all this, the gearbox is bench-assembled, and the hydraulic integrity of each unit is tested before mounting the valve bodies.

Benefits of 4×4 gearbox reconditioning

#1. Saves you money

A new gearbox would cost you a lot. Instead, a 4×4 gearbox reconditioning is money-saving, as that makes your old gearbox work perfectly like a new one. With such attention to detail and cleaning and testing of each and every individual spare part, you can be sure to get a perfectly functioning gearbox at the end of the reconditioning service. The calibrations are checked and set to the standard specifications, which prevents excess waste due to improper measurements. Thus, the longevity of the gearbox is manifold.

#2. Quality is maintained

The engineers and workers carrying out the 4×4 gearbox reconditioning process are well trained and experienced. They handle each part with utmost care and attention. They clean out the impurities and thereby clear out everything that has been hampering the working of the gearbox. That way, you get a high-quality gearbox than the one you sent to the industry for reconditioning. All the parts function perfectly after the reconditioning and that increases the efficiency.

#3. A detailed inspection helps you save time

A 4×4 gearbox reconditioning takes a maximum of two to three weeks. If you keep up your schedule of reconditioning, the gearbox is maintained in its best quality. Also, getting a new gearbox would take you time, as choosing one from several others is a tough task. Also, instead of a gearbox failing while working and then being forced to postpone your work, this leads to a lot of waste of time. Instead, regular reconditioning can prevent such shutdowns and save you time. That way, you do not have to worry about unforeseen hindrances.

After a detailed description of 4×4 gearbox reconditioning, you are sure to book a reconditioning schedule for your gearbox and have smoothly working machinery at low costs. 4×4 gearbox reconditioning is the key to a healthy machine as a healthy core ensures a healthy body.