Why You Should Purchase an Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular, especially due to the current issues that are being posed by our environmental impact on the planet. With various governments across the world offering incentives to go electric, you may have personally been considering making the change to an electric vehicle.

In this article, we will discuss the multiple aspects involved in making the decision to purchase an electric vehicle, covering why people have been hesitant to purchase a new electric vehicle, why you should make the decision, and why developments in electric vehicle technology are so exciting. So read on to find out why you should purchase an electric vehicle!

What has caused the reluctance to go electric?

There’s no doubt that there has been a reluctance among motorists to take the plunge and swap their traditional vehicles for battery-powered vehicles. The cost of electric vehicles has always been one major drawback for those who are looking to go electric. Before the introduction of the Tesla Model 3 for example, Tesla vehicles were in the upper bracket in terms of pricing and therefore were not affordable to the average motorist.

The other major concern that motorists have when looking to go electric is the phenomenon of ‘range anxiety.’ Range anxiety is, in short, the fear that your electric vehicle’s battery will run out before you reach your desired destination and leave you stranded waiting for a pickup. In the past, with traditional vehicles, you could get much further on fumes and make tactical plans to visit the petrol / gas station when you were about to run out of fuel. When electric cars were first on the market, there were limited charging points, which meant that motorists had to plan their journeys carefully. These factors arguably initially hindered a wave of purchases of electric vehicles, but for how long?

What Has Changed For Electric Vehicles Today?

With the introduction of vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Model S, manufacturers are investing even more time and effort into creating more affordable models. This is not just restricted to making their vehicles more affordable; there is also significant investments being made into increasing the power of batteries and investing into the infrastructure of charging points across the world.

Many manufacturers have pledged and made huge investments in their electric vehicles, and this is reflective of the massive gain in popularity that has occurred for electric vehicles. With various pledges by governments across the world to cut down on emissions, electric vehicles are being seen as a potential solution going forward.

Is it really all sunshine and rainbows for electric vehicles? ?

Although electric vehicles are being hailed as the solution to the various environmental issues that we are currently facing, they alone are not the complete solution. There are still processes involved in the manufacturing of the battery that contribute to global CO2 emissions, and cobalt / lithium, like other materials, is a finite resource. Other solutions will need to be sought alongside motorists making the decision to purchase an electric vehicle.

It is undoubtedly an exciting time for electric vehicle enthusiasts around the globe. With the continued investments in the technology behind these vehicles as well as continued support from governments in relation to climate change, it is a great opportunity to consider purchasing an electric vehicle if you are considering making the change. Should you be interested in an electric vehicle, then we highly recommend that you take a look at the EVs that are available and commit to the change!