Armored Warfare

The Evolution of Armored Warfare

Armored warfare has come a long way since its introduction on the battlefields of World War I. From the heavy tanks that roamed Europe at the dawn of the 20th-century to the bulletproof armored vehicles of INKAS Armored, mechanized warfare has developed into an emblem of modern combat. Today, we take a closer look at…

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Are New Cars Becoming Too Expensive?

We recently caught up with Mike Szudarek from Marx Layne to discuss reasons why new cars are becoming so expensive. This is what he said… Yes. New cars have unquestionably become more expensive over the years, partly due to consumer demand for more features, but that is not the only reason. Advancements in vehicle safety and technology,…

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Best Luxury Cars to Lease in Los Angeles

Leasing is a smart strategy for people who wants to save money in trying several luxury cars. By renting, we can still fulfill our dream of driving one-of-a-kind cars, while paying less than the MSRP. Aside from that, most of these vehicles are under the factory warranty. For that reason, you will have smaller repair…

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